Scheduling Assistant

Fully Automated A.I.Appointment SchedulingThrough Text Message

A professional client scheduling experience every time.

What is Automated Scheduling?

LinkedPhone’s scheduling assistant is built on a best-in-class Artificial Intelligence.  Amy, our friendly assistant robot will text with your customers directly to find the best time for an appointment based on your schedule and theirs.  Once an appointment is confirmed, Amy sends an appointment confirmation, appointment instructions, and sets reminders for both you and your clients.  No more back and forth and manually sending reminders. The scheduling assistant takes care of the heavy lifting automatically so you can focus on building your business.

Your customers will not need to download an App.  They can interact with Amy through SMS Text messaging on their phones.  Most of your customers will think Amy is a real live person.   You can also see as Amy interacts with your customer.  Text messages will be sent to your customers from your LinkedPhone phone number.  Once an appointment time is confirmed, a Google Calendar Event automatically is created.

How does LinkedPhone's Scheduling Assistant work?

All you need to get started is a LinkedPhone and Google account.  Start the registration process by going to a text screen on the LinkedPhone Mobile App and tap on the plus sign ( + ) next to the text bar.  Choose Scheduling A.I. from the menu.   The App will take you through the registration process.  Note: You will need to login to your Google account and give LinkedPhone access to your Google Calendar.  LinkedPhone will use your Google Calendar to check your availability and to schedule appointments.

Next, configure your LinkedPhone Appointment Settings.  You will be asked to specify appointment name, appointment duration, appointment hours, appointment type, and appointment instructions.  Note: Appointment instructions will be included in the email to your customer.  Include all necessary instructions and directions in the Appointment Instructions text box.

Easy Set-Up

No new stuff to buy.
No technicians. No appointments.

1. Choose a Number

Get a local or toll-free business phone number or port current number.

2. Add Team & Devices

Add cell phones, office phones, landlines, & computers. Add team members.

3. Personalize

Greetings. Voicemail. Business hours. Call menu options. Custom call routing.