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5 Of The Best Mobile Apps for Your Small Business

Introduction: Focus On Your Business

Your basic job as a business owner is making certain that your company runs smoothly. To do this, you have to stay on top of hiring, marketing, finances, communication, and project management. Looking after these aspects and sorting out issues that crop up takes a lot of your time and energy. However, you can take refuge in the fact that there are a few mobile apps that help to make success a little less tedious for you. Here are five of the best apps that take your small business aims to the next level.


Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs, LinkedPhone helps you share a single phone number through the process of a cloud-based virtual business phone system. It works to set up a phone system for your business within minutes so you begin receiving business calls and texts from your cell phone. For a simple and honest price, you obtain a wide range of business features that help to make your business faster and more efficient.

Linking the phones of your co-workers is easy too. Your customers are always routed to the most appropriate team member or voicemail all day every day. Sharing a common phone number gives you control and flexibility. LinkedPhone works with any office IP phone, mobile phone, computer or landline.


Trello is one of the primary project management apps available today. It comprises a solid, flexible system that cleverly integrates adaptable, potent features with a straightforward and neat user interface. The app manages everything, whether it involves big business processes or even the minutest ones. Your productivity enhances as a team and you get more done. Teamwork and cooperation with Trello is easy because it is a visual collaboration tool that makes planning projects and tasks easy.

Managers can effortlessly set deadlines, allocate tasks to employees, describe workflows, and keep a check on progress. This ensures your project moves forward in steady manner.


If you own a small business and possess employees who work remotely, Slack, an instant messaging application, is the best. It helps you organize your team’s conversations into separate public or private channels. If you want, it even ensures you can send a direct message to the team. With Slack, dragging, dropping and sharing images, PDFs, and other files through chat is simple. While the number of users your business can add is limitless, it helps you index and archive any notification, message or file automatically.

Since your conversations are saved, you can easily pull up the required one when you require it. While its free version archives 10,000 recent messages sent to your team, no matter how many users on board, upgrading with a reasonable fee for every active user month is also possible. This is if you want unlimited archiving and search.

Scanner Pro

Scanning is part and parcel of everyday business activities so an app that scans paper documents without any hassles comes as a blessing. If you require a digital version of your paper document, you can quickly scan and save it with Scanner Pro. Whether it is a multi-page document or a receipt, you can know for a fact that this app does a good job when it comes to correcting geometry and distortion as well as recognizing borders.

Scanner Pro scans documents as JPG and PDF files through the assistance of impeccable quality text capture and cloud-based file sharing. For a reasonable price, it makes use of your phone’s camera to offer high quality PDFs with readable text. It even works flawlessly when it comes to scanning the pages of a book.

Contacts Journal CRM

Contacts Journal CRM helps you transform your business and professional relationships for the better. It makes keeping track of information easy as you can efficiently file away past conversations, set follow-ups for upcoming meetings and link vital documents to your contacts. In addition to this, you can plot your contacts on a map and even extend your contact information with customizable fields.

This way, you can faultlessly build your relationship history by making precise and clear notes about your various communications and meetings. Contact Journal CRM inserts logs by design, whenever you utilize the app to call, email or message a business client or customer. With this app, you can plan your future activities and maintain a track record of your files in a faultless manner.


People are spending more time interacting with apps. It has been found that the total time spent on phone apps grew to about 63% in just a year. Naturally, digital is the way to go and when you can use this advancing technology to better your business and its various activities, you know you have hit jackpot. These five mobile apps are sure to make your business-related activities seamless so that you can take your small business organization to new heights.

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