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Choose From Thousands of Local and Toll-Free Business Phone Numbers

We offer business phone numbers across all area codes in the U.S. and Canada. Learn about local business phone numbers and toll-free business phone numbers. You can also port your current business number.

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Business Caller ID

Talk and text from your business phone number. Keep your personal number private.

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Business Call Screening

A distinctive screen clearly indicates which incoming calls are business calls. Business text messages are also clearly indicated.

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Add Colleagues and Business Partners

Add team members and share a common business number. Route business calls to one or more colleagues with ease. Everyone can also be reached by extension. Peer-to-peer messaging included.

Circle with profile of generic client or customer

Business and Customer Contacts

Create customer profiles or import contact information with a tap. Share across your team for enhanced productivity. Everyone you add to your account can use the LinkedPhone app for free.

Icon of two notes with pushpin depiciting customer CRM note-taking feature in LinkedPhone

Keep Track of Conversations and To-Do's

LinkedNotes is a team-based note stream about each of your customers. LinkedNotes helps your business effortlessly keep track of conversations, to-do’s, and reminders. Instantly updates across all devices. Learn more about LinkedNotes CRM.

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Virtual Receptionist & Call Menu Options

Go with a basic set-up for business essentials like setting business hours and company greetings. Or, configure professional call menu options. Call menu options automatically perform an action when a keypad button is pressed. For example, a caller may press 1 for store hours, press 2 for customer service, press 3 for billing questions, press 4 for voicemail, press 5 for company directory. Learn more about Virtual Receptionist and Call Menu Options.

One dot with two arrow to two other dots. With LinkedPhone's call routing, you can route customers calls to any team, department, or individual at your business

Call Routing

Route incoming business calls to the right individual or team. You've likely called into a big company to hear "Press 1 for Customer Service" or "Press 2 for Billing". LinkedPhone provides the very same technology to you, without the hassle or the expenses. Virtual Receptionist routes business calls to mobile phones, office IP phones, and landlines. The screenshots below illustrate how easy it is to set up a call menu option that routes calls to select team members.

LinkedPhone business voicemail icon

Voicemail & Voicemail Transcription

Read or listen to your voicemail. All text messages, MMS messages (i.e. images), and voice messages between you and a customer appear as single chronological stream for a natural conversation flow.

Which local and toll-free phone numbers do you offer? How do they work?

We offer business phone numbers across all local and toll-free area codes in the U.S. and Canada. We offer unlimited business voice & text messaging and the important business features you need to grow. LinkedPhone specifically serves the small business community.

Setting up takes just a few minutes. Select a business phone number or port your current number and you’re good to go. Our technology will save you thousands of dollars. There is no need to go through your phone company or buy expensive equipment. We take care of all the back-end hardware and software for you so you can focus on what matters most, growing your business. Try LinkedPhone free! You have nothing to lose. We know you’ll love our service.

Unlike traditional business phone systems offered by big telecom companies, your LinkedPhone business number works with any desk phone, home phone, laptop, and even your personal cell phone.

Our technology makes it possible for your business number to travel with you. That means you can connect with customers at your place of business using an office IP phone or landline. Even better, there’s no need to buy a separate mobile phone for your business. Our mobile app adds a stand-alone business line to your personal cell phone. That means you can talk & text with your business phone number, not your personal number. That stays private. You can also talk & text from your computer or laptop when you sign in on the web. Amazing, right? LinkedPhone works where you work. 🙂

I already have a business phone number. Can I transfer it to LinkedPhone?

Absolutely. Simply fill out this short form to port your phone number to LinkedPhone.

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2. Link Your Devices

Make & receive business calls on the phones & devices you already have. Add team members too. Personal numbers stay private. See how call routing works. Learn about the LinkedPhone mobile app. Users in your account can use the app for free.

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3. Set Up Virtual Receptionist

Welcome greeting. Voicemail. Set business hours. Add call menu options. Set which devices ring. Learn more about Virtual Receptionist. Explore all LinkedPhone business features.

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