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LinkedPhone provides easy-to-set-up phone systems for entrepreneurs & small businesses. Our local & toll-free business phone numbers operate seamlessly across all of your devices – so you can make & receive calls on your office phone, laptop, or cell phone. Our mobile app adds a second phone number to your cell phone so that you can stay connected with clients from anywhere. Our professional-grade features include team extensions, call menu options, call routing, call notes, text messaging, & voicemail transcription.

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Do you provide business phone numbers for local area codes in Missouri?

We sure do! We offer business phone numbers across all local and toll-free area codes in the U.S. and Canada, including Missouri. We offer unlimited business voice & text messaging and the important business features you need to grow. LinkedPhone specifically serves the small business community.

Setting up takes just a few minutes. Select a business phone number or port your current number and you’re good to go. Our technology will save you thousands of dollars. There is no need to go through your phone company or buy expensive equipment. We take care of all the back-end hardware and software for you so you can focus on what matters most, growing your business. Try LinkedPhone free! You have nothing to lose. We know you’ll love our service.

Unlike traditional business phone systems offered by big telecom companies, your LinkedPhone business number works with any desk phone, home phone, laptop, and even your personal cell phone.

Our technology makes it possible for your business number to travel with you. That means you can connect with customers at your place of business using an office IP phone or landline. Even better, there’s no need to buy a separate mobile phone for your business. Our mobile app adds a stand-alone business line to your personal cell phone. That means you can talk & text with your business phone number, not your personal number. That stays private. You can also talk & text from your computer or laptop when you sign in on the web. Amazing, right? LinkedPhone works where you work. 🙂

Which local Missouri area codes do you offer?

Our local Missouri area codes include 314, 417, 573, 636, 660, and 816. Of course, phone numbers are subject to availability. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please shoot us an email at [email protected]. One of our kind Customer Success Associates will do their best to accommodate your special request.

Can I pick my own Missouri phone number? When can I start using it?

We provide a huge inventory of business phone numbers for local Missouri area codes. Pick any any number you want. After you pick a number, you can start using it immediately. If your business is located in Missouri, a local area code gives your customers confidence that they’re dealing with a preferred local business. If you operate across multiple states, having a phone number from Missouri provides a local presence feel. Get started free and start growing your business in Missouri today. Learn more about LinkedPhone business phone numbers.

I already have a business phone number in Missouri. Can I transfer it to LinkedPhone?

Yes, you may port your existing Missouri business phone number to LinkedPhone. It’s easy. Simply fill out this short form to get the number porting process started.

Would I own my Missouri business phone number?

Generally, as long as your account is in good standing, you own any phone number that is registered by LinkedPhone on your behalf or ported into LinkedPhone on your behalf. You may port a phone number into LinkedPhone or port out to another service provider at any time. If you decide that LinkedPhone isn’t right for you and would like to keep your business number, please begin the porting process before you close your account so that your number isn’t released into available inventory.

Do you also carry toll-free phone numbers for business?

Yes, we offer both local area codes and toll-free area codes for your business. Generally, you’d want to use a local area code to establish a local presence and a toll-free area code to establish a national presence (or the appearance of a national presence). The toll-free business phone numbers we offer include the following area codes: 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. Simply pick any available toll-free business phone number and start using it right away.

How do I use my Missouri business phone number on my personal mobile phone?

With LinkedPhone, there is no need to buy a separate cell phone for your business. Our mobile app adds a stand-alone business line to your mobile phone, saving you a lot of money. This enables you to talk & text with customers using your Missouri business phone number as your Caller ID. You’ll never have to give out your personal phone number to clients again. Our app also provides distinctive notifications so you know clearly which texts and incoming calls are for your business. If you have team members, they may use the app for free. Oh hey, and don’t worry. Your mobile phone will ring only during your business hours, which you can set in the app.

LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for iOS iPhone
LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for Android

Can you highlight some of your business features for me?

Learn more about our business features here. You get unlimited minutes and text messaging. You can store business contacts which are shared seamlessly across your team. Voicemail is delivered in the app, online, and by email so you never miss a beat. We also transcribe voicemail (provide a text version) free of charge so you can read your voicemail on the go. If you have team members, add them with a few taps. Everyone gets their own extension. We make it easy to share a common business number with your colleagues. Team members can use and download the app free and also use LinkedPhone on the web so they can talk & text from a web browser. LinkedPhone also lets you transfer calls easily. If you receive a customer call and need to transfer it to another team member, just tap on the appropriate team member and the call is transferred instantly.

Also included in your LinkedPhone account is a suite of powerful corporate-quality call menu options. In the industry, we call this “Virtual Receptionist” or “Auto Attendant”. With call menu options, you can set up open hours greetings, closed hours greetings, and voicemail greetings. Additionally, you can set up call routing so that calls are routed to the appropriate members of your team based on a caller’s needs. For example, when a caller presses “2” for your sales team, the call is routed to the team members you designate. If they’re on another call, the caller is put on hold with some nice music playing in the background, providing a professional and polished call experience. With Virtual Receptionist, you can set business hours so that phones ring only when you want them to. Finally, you can provide callers with a company directory so that they can reach a specific person on your team.

Last but not least, we provide an easy way to keep track of the conversations you and your team have with customers. We call it LinkedNotes. LinkedNotes helps your business effortlessly keep track of conversations, to-do’s and reminders so that everyone on your team is on the same page when dealing with a specific client. It’s a high-value customer relationship management tool (CRM) that everyone loves.

How much does LinkedPhone cost?

Technology has done wonders to bring down costs for small business owners. Get started with a business phone number across all local area codes in Missouri for only $19.99. We believe in simple pricing without dizzying customers with add-ons and sneaky fees. Our plans include all features. With our Entrepreneur Plan you can connect up to three phones, whether they’re yours (cell phone, home phone, and desk phone) or team members (three cell phones or three office phones, for example). Online access to LinkedPhone through a web browser is included for you and everyone on your team, free of charge. We also provide plans for larger teams and for toll-free business phone numbers. Try LinkedPhone free today!

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