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Everyday we talk to people who need a Mobile Work Phone for their business. We love meeting our customers’ needs and unwittingly becoming part of their story. Today, we talked to Derrick, a business owner with a thriving business. Derrick reached out because he was getting “hundreds of calls a day” and was having trouble keeping up. We configured his new LinkedPhone phone line with menu options and voicemail transcription. Now, when he and his team receives calls, they are able to quickly see what the call is about when the phone rings, and if they are not able to answer, they can read the voicemail transcripts to quickly figure out next steps.

Like Derrick, each one of our customers has a unique business, and story. In this post, we have assembled the top reasons to get a LinkedPhone Mobile Work Phone based on the stories and feedback we receive from our customers.


The most common reason our customers give for switching to a LinkedPhone Mobile Work Phone is control. Long lost are the days when businesses had the luxury to hire someone who would sit in an office waiting for the phone to ring. Today’s businesses are lean machines. They travel. They have meetings. They work long hours. They need a phone system that will keep up. Here are some of our standard features that allow our customers to take control of their business calls.

    • Set Your Business Hours – LinkedPhone allows you to specify two independent configurations. One during business hours and another during closed hours. You can have have calls routed to your team during normal business hours and have calls routed to your voicemail after hours. However, more complex configurations are also possible. For example, Nick, is a property manager, he set up his Closed Hours LinkedPhone menu with a menu option for emergencies. If someone has an emergency after hours, he can be reached on his cell phone. All other calls are routed to voicemail during closed hours.
    • Route Calls To Any Phone – Your business is growing. You have a team. You have multiple locations. You have multiple devices.  LinkedPhone allows you to link your entire team and all your devices to one mobile work phone number. With just a few clicks you can configure a professional call menu to route your callers to the most appropriate team member or device. We also offer multiple call routing strategies, like Call Blast, Sequential , and Round Robin ringing of your teams’ phone.
    • Tap to Enable/Disable Users – Rerouting calls takes just a tap. If one of your team members is taking a day off or just needs to focus on something other than calls for an hour, changing their status to disabled is all it takes to reroutes their calls to someone else.  All users have control over their own availability.  However, the admin is also able to update the availability of the team.  A disabled status, routes the calls to other team members in their call menu or to voicemail. There is no complicated website to configure. You can do it right on your phone.


Smartphones have replaced lint as the most likely object found in the average person’s pocket. In fact, odds are you are reading this from your smartphone right now. Lucky for you, your smartphone is all you need to buy and configure a LinkedPhone Mobile Work Phone number. With the LinkedPhone app, you can select a local or toll free number, add your team, configure a professional call menu, and call/text from your work phone number. You don’t need to buy any additional hardware. You don’t need to call the phone company to install additional wires in your office. All you need to set up a full featured Mobile Work Phone System is right there on the palm of your hand.

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In addition, by default, the LinkedPhone app delivers your business calls by routing to your cell phone number. You get the same great quality calls you are used to receiving using your cell phone carrier’s network. You don’t need to think about your internet speed or spend hours learning about VoIP. All inbound and outbound calls are made using your carrier’s phone network. It’s simple to understand. It’s reliable. It’s convenient.


We believe your time is better spent growing your business, not ours. We offer simple transparent pricing. We don’t charge you per minute. We don’t try to sell you additional features. With LinkedPhone, you always get all the features you need for your business for one low honest price. Your LinkedPhone bill will not have any surprises. You choose a plan based on the number of users/devices you need. Your bill will be the same every month. No hidden charges. No long term contracts.

In addition, all our customers get a 7-day risk-free trial. Go ahead. Try us out. We are sure you will enjoy our service and features. The service is 100% free for 7 days. You have nothing to lose.

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