uReach Technologies & BusinessCall 2nd Line App Closes Its Doors

On April 2, 2020, uReach Technolgoies, a subsidiary of GENBRAND, announced it will shutter its business. uReach services, including its BusinessCall 2nd Line iOS and Android mobile apps, will be suspended on June 15, 2020. This is always a challenging time for customers and employees. Our thoughts go out to those who may be experiencing difficulty.

uReach Customers Seeking Apps Like BusinessCall 2nd Line App

We decided to write this blog post because uReach BusinessCall 2nd Line app customers discovered LinkedPhone and have been very pleased with our services. We're hopeful we can provide substantial value for you. Like the uReach BusinessCall 2nd Line app, LinkedPhone enables you to run your business from anywhere. If you're interested in transitioning to a new service provider, you can try us risk-free for 7 days. All of our plans offer unlimited minutes and text messaging. You can use your landline, VoIP phone, mobile phone, and even your laptop with your business phone number. We make it easy to port your current business number to LinkedPhone. The process typically takes a few days. As you explore uReach BusinessCall 2nd Line App alternatives, we're here for you should you have any questions. Check out our highlights, features, and reviews below.

Apps Like BusinessCall 2nd Line App by uReach

LinkedPhone provides many of the features provided by uReach and its BusinessCall 2nd Line mobile app – plus a premium suite of business features, unlimited minutes, and unlimited text messaging. At LinkedPhone, we serve entrepreneurs & small business owners with easy-to-set-up, professional-grade phone systems. Our business numbers work seamlessly across all devices – cell phones, office phones, and laptops. Use our mobile app to add a 2nd phone number for your business to your cell phone. You can also sign in on the web to talk & text with clients from your laptop. Run your business from anywhere.

Business Growth Toolkit

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Icon of business store front

Business Caller ID

Your personal number stays private. Choose a local or toll-free phone number or port your current business number.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Phone Keypad and Business Caller ID
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot - Text Messaging and MMS from Business Phone Number Caller ID
Smart phone with eyeball highlighting that you can see incoming business calls on your smart phone

Distinctive Business Notifications

Easily identify business calls & texts.

LinkedPhone mobile app screenshot of call screening; incoming business call vs personal call
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Incoming Business Text Message Notification
Team Members icon for Adding Team Members to LinkedPhone's virtual phone system for business

Add Colleagues and Business Partners

Share a common business number with your team.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Team Contacts and Colleaues
Circle with profile of generic client or customer

Business & Customer Contacts

Keep business contacts separate from personal ones.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot Business Contacts and Importing
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Contact Profile Fields
Icon of two notes with pushpin depiciting customer CRM note-taking feature in LinkedPhone

Call Notes & To-Do's

Stay on top of your business with ease.

LinkedNotes Mobile App CRM Stream for All Customers Screenshot
LinkedNotes Mobile App CRM Notes Stream for Single Customer
Lady with Headset Icon for LinkedPhone's virtual receptionist and call menu options for virtual phone system

Call Menu Options

Greetings, voicemail, call routing, business hours, directory.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Business Hours Welcome Greeting and Voicemail
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Call Menu Options Configurations
One dot with two arrow to two other dots. With LinkedPhone's call routing, you can route customers calls to any team, department, or individual at your business

Call Routing

Press 1 for Sales. Route calls to the right person every time.

Virtual Receptionist and Call Menu Options LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot
Virtual Receptionist and Select Call Routing Recipients App Screenshot
LinkedPhone business voicemail icon

Business Voicemail

Voicemail and voicemail transcription delivered instantly.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Voicemail and Voicemail Transcription
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Record Business Voicemail Greetings
Icon for laptop, cell phone, landline, VoIP phone for LinkedPhone virtual phone system

Works Across All Devices

It's magic. LinkedPhone numbers work seamlessly across cell phones, office phones, computers.

Virtual phone numbers infographic - Icons for phone keypad, PBX server, VoIP phone, mobile phone, laptop, desktop, iPad, landline
Icon with two speech bubbles highlighting LinkedPhone's business texting


We understand that researching uReach BusinessCall 2nd Line alternatives and transitioning service providers can be a pain. Please go through our website to see if LinkedPhone is the right fit for your business. Signing up is super easy. You can do so in our mobile app or by clicking here to sign up on the web. Either way, you'll have access to all the features that LinkedPhone has to offer. If you'd like to port your number now, the porting process can be completed in just a few days. Whether porting your number now or after you've tested out our service, we're here to help.


If you have any questions as your explore alternatives, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-877-538-5888, or by simply clicking here. We wish you the very best during your transition.



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