Virtual Receptionist Icon with Call Menu Option Quotes Cloud-Based Virtual Small Business Phone System

Virtual Receptionist &Call Menu Options

Automatically handle incoming business calls.
Create professional call menu options.
Route calls to any phone, colleague, or to an entire team.
Voicemail. Voicemail transcription. Company directory.

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Virtual Receptionist Icon with Call Menu Option Quotes Cloud-Based Virtual Small Business Phone System

Virtual Receptionist &Call Menu Options

  • Automatically handle incoming business calls.
  • Create professional call menu options.
  • Route calls to any phone, colleague, or to an entire team.
  • Voicemail. Voicemail transcription. Company directory.
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Virtual Receptionist is another premium feature we offer to all LinkedPhone customers, free of charge! What is Virtual Receptionist? Also known as ‘Auto-Attendant’, LinkedPhone’s Virtual Receptionist performs many of the same tasks that a live receptionist performs, such as greeting callers and routing them to the right person or team at your business. Receive business calls no matter where you are or what phone you’re using. Virtual Receptionist is a cost-effective way to present a professional image 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Even if you’re a ‘solopreneur’, Virtual Receptionist conveys an established and professional image that delivers instant credibility for you and your business.

The best part about Virtual Receptionist is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a professional, corporate-quality phone system. You won’t need to buy expensive equipment, hire specialized IT personnel to install servers and software, study lengthy user manuals, or get locked into a contract. Leave the hard work to us. No more headaches. No more high pressure sales pitches from your phone company. With LinkedPhone, you get all of the big company phone features you need for one honest and affordable price.

Virtual Receptionist requires only a few minutes to set up. Customize your very own call menu with a few taps, on the web or with our mobile app. Setting up a small business phone system has never been easier!


LinkedPhone Feature: See Who's Calling With Call Screening

Business Call Screening

If you're using your mobile device for business calls, LinkedPhone's Call Screening feature makes it clear which calls are business calls. Before you pick up, you'll see the name of the person calling and the call menu option the caller selected  to reach you. This provides a quick heads up for the types of questions the customer might ask. For example, you could set up a call menu option for "Billing" or "Technology Support" and quickly switch gears on your computer so that you can pull up account information or any other relevant data to better serve your customer.

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Company Greeting

Company Greeting

A company greeting welcomes your callers and provides them with various call menu options. A company greeting leaves a positive impression on your customers, giving them the confidence that they are working with a professional business, whether you're working for yourself or have a team of employees. The instant credibility you receive will help you earn the trust of your callers and grow your business. You have three options for your company greeting. 1) Use your own voice 2) Use our excellent text to speech technology which converts your script into speech, or 3) Upload an MP3 file. You also have the option of working with our professional voice talent. If you're interested in professional voice talent, drop us a note with your script, your preferred voice among the samples below,  and we'll work to get you the best possible pricing.

Male Voice Talent


Female Voice Talent

LinkedPhone Feature: Route Business Calls To Cell Home Desk Phone

Route Business Calls

Route incoming business calls to the right device, person, or team...the first time. You've likely called into a big company and heard "Press 1 for Customer Service" or "Press 2 for Billing". LinkedPhone provides the very same technology to you, without the hassle. Virtual Receptionist routes business calls instantly, regardless of location or device. And yes, you can even route calls to your home phone or to an office IP phone. When routing calls to, for example, a sales team, all phones ring at the same time until someone picks up (Simultaneous Call Routing). You may also configure your sales teams' phones to ring one at a time  (Sequential Call Routing) or to evenly distribute call loads across your team (Round Robin Call Routing). If your team is busy, the caller is placed in queue with hold music until someone becomes available. Lastly, you can set up a team voicemail box so that every unanswered call is attended to. Setting up call routing with LinkedPhone's small business phone system is easy...all it takes is a couple of minutes.

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Play Info Message

Play Informational Message

LinkedPhone makes it easy to set up a call menu option that plays a message with important information you'd like to convey to your clients. For example, play a message with business hours, office location, company website, email, special sales, promotions, company events, or general updates about your business. Again, you may use your own voice, use our advanced speech to text technology, or upload an MP3 file to record your greeting.

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Voicemail & Free Transcription

Voicemail & Voicemail Transcription

When this call menu option is selected, Virtual Receptionist sends your customer to voicemail. Once a voice message is left, designated recipients in your team will instantaneously receive the message by email. Our customers love this since they check email far more frequently than they do voicemail. Receiving voicemail by email also enables you to archive messages without fear of deletion by your phone system. Lastly and critically, it won't hog your phone's memory. LinkedPhone's voice message email includes an audio file of the message and free voicemail transcription. Voicemail transcription converts voice messages into text so that you can read voicemail on the go!

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Company Directory

Company Directory

When you add team members to LinkedPhone, a company directory is automatically created for you. There is no need to build or maintain a company directory manually when new team members are hired or when team members leave. With this feature, you can add a call menu option to Virtual Receptionist that lets your callers search for your team members by name or extension. It couldn't be more simple.

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Advanced Sub-Menu

Advanced Multi Tier Menu

An advanced multi tier menu ( a.k.a. sub-menu) provides additional call menus for teams and departments. Use this feature if you have a department that requires its own call menu. For example, if you have a customer service department, you can set up an advanced multi tier menu customized just for that team - 'Press 1 for product support' and 'Press 2 for billing questions'. From here, you can direct callers to colleagues who are specialized in these areas.


The elegance of LinkedPhone’s small business phone system is how easy it is to set up complex tasks. First, tap the call menu option you’d like to configure. Second, tap the function you would like to perform. Third, provide a name for your call menu option. If you’re setting up call routing, simply tap the people you’d like to route calls to. It’s really that easy.

More questions about LinkedPhone? Check out our FAQ.

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