Should Businesses Switch to a Virtual Phone System?

Customer Service is Vital

Businesses in the US lose up to $62 billion each year due to poor customer service. This loss is gargantuan and can spell doom for small or mid-sized businesses. Customers will have no qualms finding another provider if calls are not answered or they are transferred to multiple agents before their queries or concerns get addressed. The writing on the wall is clear – effective organizations have to provide exceptional customer service, or customers will end up taking their business to someone else.

Businesses need a more efficient phone system, one that is affordable and efficient, and ensures customers get the treatment they deserve and demand. That is one key reason installing a virtual phone system makes good business sense. With the world moving into the cloud, it is natural that even phone systems will relocate to the cloud. If you are hesitating using a virtual phone system for your business, think again.

No Need for a Huge Investment

The success of a business does not always depend on high-quality product or exceptional service. Sometimes, a business can meet an untimely demise due to poor infrastructure. If a prospect calls a business and it turns out to be a personal number, it reflects poorly on your organization and makes it come across as unprofessional.

You can portray a professional front by using the right business phone system. However, for smaller organizations justifying the cost will be difficult. So, what is the solution? It lies in using a virtual phone system. This can be a boost for businesses, especially small businesses, that are looking to minimize their phone-related expenses without sacrificing customer service.

When you use a virtual phone system, the servers are in the cloud, it helps reduce costs, does away with technical staff, and you don’t need a physical phone system. Instead, you have a branded business phone number, ensure calls get handled in an efficient and professional manner, and present a professional image to potential and existing customers. Using a virtual phone system boosts productivity, reduces overheads, and improves customer service – the things you require to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market.

If you are wondering why you should adopt a virtual phone system, here are some benefits that you should be aware of.

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Enhanced Productivity

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual phone system is that employees and business can function efficiently. You enjoy functions like auto attendant that takes away the need for a full-time receptionist to answer phones and redirect calls to the right recipient. Or, there is no need for employees to stop working to attend to calls that keep ringing if the receptionist is not there. Instead, employees can use features like call forwarding to answer calls that are directed to their extension. Employees can also choose the number that the calls should be directed to. This can be a boon to sales and marketing staff, who are out in the field the whole day.

Virtual phone systems also have in-built online fax function. Hence, employees can use their computers to send and receive faxes. They don’t have to while away the time waiting for the fax machine to get free or walk back and forth to send or receive faxes.

Cost Reduction

Businesses are constantly looking to reduce their operational costs to stay competitive and increase profit margins. A virtual phone system ensures instant savings with the help of the auto attendant feature that eliminates the costs associated with hiring a full-time receptionist.

Your business will enjoy further cost reduction as the monthly phone bill will be fraction of what it costs to have a traditional phone system. You don’t need an expensive system or equipment, and there is no cost associated with maintaining these systems and equipment.

Efficient and Prompt Customer Support

Besides inquiries, maximum calls to a business are usually related to customer support. How well your customers get the support they require will either translate to a repeat customer or lost sale. With a virtual phone system, you can rest assured knowing that no customer call will ever go unanswered. Every call is properly routed to the concerned person.

Finding the Right Virtual Phone System

With so many virtual phone systems out there, it is necessary that you select the right system for your needs. All virtual phone providers are not the same, and you need to do your due diligence to find the features that each provider offers.

You will find that virtual phone systems have fascinating features. Look at the features carefully and then decide what your business needs. Based on this, you can choose a provider. Some of the features that a virtual phone system should have are:

    • Auto attendant
    • Dial an extension
    • Dial a name
    • Call forwarding
    • Music when a customer is put on hold
    • Play promotional messages when a customer is put on hold
    • Easy to use so that no stakeholder has an issue using the virtual phone system

Regardless of the business size, a virtual phone system can be invaluable asset. It helps to project a professional image, minimizes overheads, and ensures optimal customer service at all times. So, if your business hasn’t transitioned to a virtual phone system, it is losing out. Shift to a virtual phone system today, and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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