Which should I use for my business - a second phone number on my cell phone or a second phone?

Business Phone Calls Are Still King

All businesses, whether established or recently set up, know that calls are an essential part of business and brand formation. In fact, about 70% of mobile users who look for goods and services online press the call button first. Even though times are changing and with it, so are the forms of communication, a good old phone call can never be replaced. This is reinforced by the stats which says that 94% of users call a business after searching for it on their phones.

So naturally, when starting a brand new business, along with details that go into the company logo, name, and social media accounts, you need to think about how you are going to communicate to customers and clients, particularly when it comes to over the phone conversations. This is imperative if you want to reach out to your target audience in an effective manner. Many businesses are torn onwhether to choose a second phone number on your existing cell phone or make use of a second phone altogether.

Benefits of Adding A Stand-Alone Business Line To Your Cell Phone

Here is why using a second phone number on your existing cell phone is considered the better alternative.

Minimize Your Need for New Devices or Hardware

Many businesses question whether they need to go in for a mobile or landline connection. All said and done, a mobile phone is the better and smarter choice unless you need a landline for an alarm system or fax machine. With a cell phone, attending calls become easy, regardless of whether you are in the office or not.

Most start-ups and small businesses start off by using their personal mobile number for business purposes. As the brand and business slowly expands, it becomes mandatory for companies to go in for a second phone number. Many individuals even willingly choose to go in for a second cell phone.

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Advantages of a Second Phone Number on Your Cell Phone

Although it can mean an over worked up cell phone in certain conditions, there are many advantages of having one phone with two numbers, and these include:

    • Personal Privacy: You can keep your personal information and details safe and away from your business contacts and the world.
    • Work Life Balance: You can easily have separate personal and professional lives.
    • Saves Money and Time: Maintaining two phones is cumbersome, takes up a lot of time, and is not really economical in nature.
    • Mobility: Connect with customers and colleagues from home, at a cafe, or on the road.

Phone numbers are for life and giving out your personal phone number for business purposes involves giving out personal information to customers, clients and random people who have just met you. Having a second phone number for your cell phone helps bridge this gap of having the best of both worlds.

Apps for Second Phone Number on Your Cell Phone

Technology is progressing at a fast pace. Today, there are certain apps available that help you obtain a second phone number for your cell phone. It helps to make things even more convenient since you do not have to manage an additional cell phone that is equally expensive. The problem about extras such as insurance and additional charging cables is also not an issue. This way, you can take advantage of all of the benefits without having to worry about the limitations.

Cloud Tech Makes Adding a Separate Business Line To Your Mobile Device Easy

Having a divided professional and personal life is perhaps the greatest advantage of having a second phone line. In addition to this, adding extras such as voicemail transcription and auto-attendants is also possible. Incoming calls have a characteristic ring so the question of confusing your personal and professional calls does not arise. An app powered second line works great for individual employees as well. Many employers fund the Smartphone cost and monthly plan but only until you work for their company or organization. This means, if you resign or are fired, you have to wave goodbye to your mobile number as well. Using an app powered second phone line as your number is advantageous because that specific number can stay with you even as you change cell phones.

Opting for a reliable and good business phone solution can be a hassle however as long as it is efficient on your budget and stands true to the above mentioned advantages, you can rest assured that using a second phone number on your cell phone is your best bet.

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