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Business Phone Number

Choose a local or toll-free virtual phone number. Or, port current number.

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Unlimited Talk & Text

Text messaging included. No billing surprises or hidden fees. Ever.

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Mobile App

Use personal phone. Talk & text from business Caller ID. Learn more.

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Voicemail + Transcription

Audio plus text version of business voicemail delivered instantly.

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Call Menu Options

Wow your callers with a professional big-company call experience.

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Add Colleagues

Assign extensions. Share a common business number. Learn more.

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Call Queue

Busy on another call? New calls queue up to smooth jazz.

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Client Notes

Keep track of conversations & to-do's. Stay in the loop.

LinkedPhone Works Where Your Work

Freedom and flexibility at last. Virtual phone numbers work with your cell phone on the road, your desk phone at the office & your laptop when traveling.

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What is LinkedPhone?

Freedom Rings. We empower modern professionals to work from anywhere. Our local & toll-free business numbers work seamlessly across office phones, landlines, cell phones & laptops. Use our mobile app to call & text clients on the road. We serve small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs & mobile team with professional-grade features once only available to large companies. Call menu options, team extensions, call routing, call notes, text messaging, & voicemail transcription.

Virtual Phone Numbers Work With Your Cell Phone

No need to buy a separate phone for business. Keep business calls, voicemail, texts, & contacts separate. Set business hours. Keep your personal number private.

LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for iOS iPhone
LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for Android
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What is a Virtual Phone System?

An easy, flexible, and affordable way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to connect with customers. They include modern features like text messaging and mobile apps. They're much cheaper than traditional business phone systems.

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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A work number that works seamlessly across all of your devices - office phones, cell phones, computers, and landlines. Teams can share a single virtual number too. They come in local & toll-free area codes and are portable.

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Virtual Phone Numbers Work With Your Computer

Sign in on the web with your laptop or desktop. Talk & text with clients and colleagues. Work where & how you want.

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Plant, Notebook and Office VoIP IP Phone or Landline connected to LinkedPhone Virtual Phone System

Virtual Phone Numbers Work With Your Office Phone

Desk phone. Home phone. No problem. Link an office IP phone or landline in seconds. LinkedPhone works where you work.

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Share a Virtual Phone Number With Your Team

Share a common business number with your team. Everyone gets their own extension. Customize how calls are routed based on a caller's needs. Mobile app & web access included.

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Add Professional Call Menu Options

'Press 1 for Sales'. Offer a polished call experience every time. Send callers to the right colleagues or route callers to voicemail, a live receptionist, or company directory.

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Set Up In Minutes

Use the phones you already have. No new stuff to buy.
No contracts. No appointments. No sneaky fees.

Get a Number Now - Try Us Free!What is a Virtual Phone System?
LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for iOS iPhone
LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for Android
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1. Select a Business Phone Number

Choose a local or toll-free business phone number or port current number.

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2. Link Your Devices

Our virtual phone numbers work with cell phones, office phones, computers. Add team members too. Learn more.

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3. Set Up Virtual Receptionist

Greetings. Voicemail. Business hours. Call menu options. Custom call routing. Learn more.


LinkedPhone is a cloud-based virtual phone system designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses. A virtual phone system is an easy, flexible, and affordable way for businesses to connect with customers. You can set up in just a few minutes on the web or, for smaller businesses, with our mobile app.

Virtual phone systems are ‘in the cloud’ so there is no expensive computer equipment to buy or maintain. They are substantially cheaper than traditional business phone systems and come with modern features like text messaging, auto-reply, call menu options, and customer service software.

Virtual phone numbers work with multiple devices – individually or simultaneously – including office phones, cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, or landlines – empowering employees to work anywhere.

Traditional business phone systems lack many of the modern features business owners need to stay connected to their business and thrive, like text messaging. The most obvious disadvantage of traditional systems is the lack mobility – you need to be at your desk to make and receive business calls.

The table below summarizes the primary differences between traditional and virtual business phone systems. Learn more here.

Business ConsiderationsVirtual Phone SystemTraditional Phone System
Set-Up CostsLowHigh
Maintenance CostsLowHigh
Long-Term Service ContractsNoYes
Expertise LevelLowHigh
Ease of Set-UpHighLow
Ease of UseHighLow
IT PersonnelService ProviderIn-House or Outsourced
MaintenanceService ProviderIn-House or Outsourced
Server ProvisionService ProviderIn-House
Server LocationIn The CloudIn-House
Customization LevelHighHigh
Device FlexibilityHighLow

Virtual phone numbers empower you to work without the constraints of office phones. Virtual phone numbers look and act like traditional phone numbers except they are not tethered to a specific device since they are ‘in the cloud’. We offer toll-free (800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844) and local business phone numbers across the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about the local and toll-free area codes we provide here.

A single virtual phone number can instantly route calls to any number of devices – individually or simultaneously. Desk phones, home phones, cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers – no problem. Teams can also share a single virtual phone number. Learn more about call routing here.

The best way to put your arms around virtual phone numbers is to think about cloud-based email, like Gmail. Gmail enables you to read, send, and receive email on any device you choose. Your email address isn’t attached to a specific device. Virtual phone numbers empower you with the same flexibility.

The LinkedPhone app enables you to talk and text from your virtual business phone number while preserving the privacy of your personal number. You can get a virtual phone number from LinkedPhone by signing up online here or by downloading our app by clicking on one of the app badges below. Your virtual number will be ready for use in just a couple of minutes. You can invite team members to share your virtual phone number. They may use the app free of charge. Check out our set-up guide here.

The app enables you set business hours, see incoming business phone calls, read and listen to business voicemail, add team members, create team contacts, create business contact lists, share contacts, take notes on customer conversations, create business to-do lists, communicate with colleagues, transfer live calls to another colleague, review call history, record company greetings, access a live dashboard, create call menu options, and customize how calls are routed to team members, if any. LinkedPhone is the most powerful business phone number app on the market today.

LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for iOS iPhone
LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for Android

We’re not fans of charging extra for the features you need to run your business. That’s why all features are included for one clean and simple price. Our features include business caller ID, text and MMS messaging, peer-to-peer messaging, voicemail, voicemail transcription (written version of your voicemail), business hours (devices ring only when you want them to), team contacts, customer contacts, customer notes, to-do list management, company directory, call queue management, custom call routing, and professional call menu options.

Learn more about LinkedPhone features. We build and add features based upon feedback from our customers. Please submit any requests here.

Our Entrepreneur Plan provides you with comprehensive business features, a local business phone number, and 3 linked devices for only $19.99 a month. We also have plans for toll-free phone numbers and larger teams. Please check out our pricing page for the latest.

Absolutely. Simply fill out this short form to port your current business phone number to LinkedPhone.

Please check out our FAQ page, email us at [email protected], or call us at 1-877-538-5888. One of our kind Customer Success Associates will be happy to help.

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LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for iOS iPhone
LinkedPhone Business Phone System App for Android