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At LinkedPhone, we build, create, and work with purpose…just like you. We started LinkedPhone to empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, or anyone with a business on the side with the smart tools they need to impress clients and to grow their business. LinkedPhone is built around the anytime, anywhere, BYOD work style. Collectively, we have over a decade of experience building complex business phone systems for Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, and Express Scripts. Our goal is to provide the very same technology to you at an affordable price. We’re always looking to delight our clients. If you have any feedback or feature requests please let us know here!

Say goodbye to set-up fees, annoying contracts, and per-minute pricing. Say goodbye to giving out your personal phone number. Say goodbye to the pushy sales process. Say hello to the future of business phone systems. We built LinkedPhone around three themes with you at the center.


LinkedPhone is the easy and affordable business phone system. You can set up in just a few minutes with our iOS / Android app or on the web. Simply pick a phone number that suits your business or keep the one you already have. Create a professional greeting and call menu. Get free extensions for everyone on your team. Get unlimited business minutes and text*. Free voicemail transcription. Receive business calls on any phone that’s convenient for you. Be ‘at the office’ on your terms… wherever work or life takes you. Your clients will feel confident with a polished and professional call experience.


LinkedPhone empowers you with the flexibility you need to run your business. Imagine not having to give out your personal phone number to customers, agents, or business partners. Imagine not being glued to your desk phone to receive and make business calls. With LinkedPhone, your business phone number goes where you go. Receive business calls anytime, anywhere, on any phone that’s convenient for you. Traditional business phone systems can’t do that.

Honest Pricing

LinkedPhone empowers your business with ‘big company’ phone features at an affordable price. If you’ve already inquired with your current phone company, you were likely on the receiving end of a high-pressure sales pitch, confusing terminology, a lack of transparency on pricing, and surcharges for basic features. Did you know that traditional business phone systems typically require massive investments in special equipment and software? On top of that, you need to deal with other headaches like hiring IT staff, high maintenance costs, and annoying contracts. To say the least, this probably isn’t the best use of your time.

LinkedPhone provides all the features you need for one honest price…so that you can focus on the stuff that matters. In the meantime, we’ll take care of the not-so-fun stuff like servers and software for you.

LinkedPhone enables you to magically add a separate business line to any phone – whether a cell, home, or desk phone. That means having a personal line and a business line on your cell phone, each with its own phone number! If you’re a business owner, being able to receive calls on the go means you stay connected to your customers. Equally important, you deliver a polished and professional call experience.

Unlike traditional phone numbers which are attached to a specific device, LinkedPhone numbers can ‘ring’ any phone that’s convenient for you. That’s because LinkedPhone is cloud-based. Your business number goes where you go. Receive business calls anytime, anywhere, on any phone. Never miss a call or an opportunity. To learn more about cloud-based business phone systems, check out our blog post.

FAQ Section of LinkedPhone Website. The graph depicts how cloud-based phone systems, or virtual phone systems, enable workers to use any device and to work from anywhere. LinkedPhone provides easy and affordable business phone solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Setting a phone system for your company is easy! Here are the basic steps.

  • Select a local or toll-free business number from LinkedPhone or keep the number you already have.
  • Create a company greeting.
  • Next, link your cell, home or office phone to your LinkedPhone number. Magically add a business line to any phone.
  • Set your business hours. Linked devices will only ring during these hours.
  • Add your team members and their devices. Each team member will receive her own extension.
  • Set up your Virtual Receptionist to handle incoming calls. Your Virtual Receptionist accomplishes all of the things a live receptionist does…greet callers, route incoming calls to the right person or team, play a message to relay important information, provide access to your company directory, or send to voicemail.

Generally, yes, you may link any working phone to LinkedPhone. Since your LinkedPhone number is cloud-based, it is not attached to a specific device. While your customers always dial the same LinkedPhone number, a cloud-based business number gives you the flexibility to receive calls on any phone that’s convenient for you. Gone are the days of being glued to your desk for business calls! Route business calls to your cell phone with a tap. If you’re working from home, send business calls to your home phone. You can also easily link your office IP / SIP phone to your LinkedPhone account. LinkedPhone is perfect for the anytime, anywhere, BYOD work style. To learn more about cloud-based business phone systems, check out our blog post.

Absolutely! Because LinkedPhone is cloud-based, you may link any number of team members to your business phone system. We make this really easy to do through our app or through the web. Rest assured, team members receive their own extensions so that they may be contacted directly. Team members are also automatically added to your company directory. Finally, LinkedPhone will create a contact profile for each of your team members.

Most certainly! We understand that many business owners want to keep their established business numbers. Porting your existing business number to LinkedPhone is easy. We are delighted to assist you throughout the number porting process, free of charge. Click on the button below to provide the brief information we need from you. Once submitted, we’ll manage the porting process from there.

Port My Business Number!

It’s easy to know which incoming calls are personal calls and which are business calls. While an incoming business call shows the caller’s actual caller ID, your Virtual Receptionist screens the call when you pick up. She’ll ask whether you’d like accept or decline the call. We can turn call screening off upon request. Alternatively, if you’d like to show your LinkedPhone number as the caller ID for all incoming business calls, we can do that for you too. Please send us a note.

You’ll receive business calls on your personal devices only when you want to. Linked devices ring during business hours. Customize your schedule any way you want. If during business hours you’re unable to pick up a call, we’ll send your caller to either voicemail or to another team member based on your settings.

Generally, yes. For optimal call quality, calls generally go through your carrier. Since most cell phone plans today provide unlimited minutes, this shouldn’t be an issue for the vast majority of our users.


Currently, LinkedPhone offers local and toll-free numbers in the United States and in Canada. For local numbers, simply tap your preferred area code to see what we have in our inventory and select the number you love. We have an entire inventory of toll-free numbers to choose from as well. We’re currently working on providing ‘vanity’ numbers like 1-800-MY-BUSINESS.

A virtual receptionist essentially mimics the tasks of a live receptionist. For example, when your customers call your business number, LinkedPhone’s virtual receptionist will greet your customers and provide a menu of call options. Your virtual receptionist will handle a call based what your customer is calling about. There are a number of ways to handle an incoming call.

  1. Route calls to customer support, sales, or to a specific person on your team. You can route your calls to any cell phone, home phone, or IP / SIP phone (the desk phone we see in most office environments) easily. Pssst, LinkedPhone has many clients who are entrepreneurs. They love LinkedPhone because they can set up various call menu options for ‘Customer Service’, ‘Technical Support’, etc. and have all those calls routed to themselves. The entrepreneur is able to leave a very polished and professional image while she builds her business! Here’s an example of a company greeting.

“Hello! Thank you for calling Jetsetter Realty. For Sales, press 1. For Technical Support, press 2. For Billing, press 3. For hours and location, press 4. To speak with our receptionist, press 0. Or, dial the extension of the person you wish to reach.”

  1. Play a recorded message with information like store hours, location, special events or promotions.
  2. Send to voicemail. Voicemails are sent to you by email, including the audio file and free voicemail transcription (a written version of the voicemail). Everyone loves this because you can save, download, file, forward, and access them on the go without commingling them with your personal voicemails.
  3. Access your company directory. LinkedPhone produces a company directory automatically based on the users who are linked to your business phone system.
  4. Transfer to sub-menu. Menu options for, for example, a customer service department with its own set of menu options.

Making Calls

We currently only support making calls to USA and Canada.   Our app does not support making long distance calls.  However, we are constantly enhancing our capabilities.  Please check back with us soon.

Outbound calls made from the app will have your LinkedPhone Business Number as the caller ID.  Your cell phone number will always remain private.  You can use the app to make calls in the USA and Canada.  Calls are made using your carrier line and routed through your LinkedPhone Business Number, carrier minutes may apply.

Receiving Calls

Incoming calls received on your smartphone when the LinkedPhone App is installed, will display a LinkedPhone logo background image and have information about the call when your phone rings.  However, you must allow access to your Contacts in order for the app to control your incoming call experience.   The first time you install the app, you will be asked to “Allow”  access to contacts.   You can also enable access to your contacts any time, by going to Settings > LinkedPhone and enabling “Contacts” access to the app on your iPhone.

LinkedPhone is very flexible.  It can be configured to support most small business needs.  You can specify one or more email voicemail recipients for each of your menu options.  Only the team members you specify to receive the voicemail will have access.

To configure voicemail recipients, you must enable Virtual Receptionist on your line.  The configuration wizard will guide you through the voicemail settings.

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