General Questions

At LinkedPhone, we build, create, and work with purpose…just like you do. We started LinkedPhone to empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, or anyone with a business on the side with the smart tools they need to impress clients and to grow their business. LinkedPhone is built around the anytime, anywhere, BYOD work style. We have over a decade of experience building complex business phone systems for Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, and Express Scripts

LinkedPhone is a cloud-based virtual phone system designed for small business owners. LinkedPhone is different from traditional systems. Since our technology is cloud-based, your business phone number isn’t attached to a specific device. Instead, business calls are routed to any device you designate. LinkedPhone works with any mobile phone, office IP phone, landline or computer. We offer toll-free (800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844) and local business phone numbers across the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about our business phone numbers.

LinkedPhone provides a full suite of business features for one simple price. These include business caller ID, text and MMS messaging, peer-to-peer messaging, voicemail, voicemail transcription (written version of your voicemail), business hours (devices ring only when you want them to), team contacts, customer contacts, customer notes, to-do list management, company directory, call queue management and professional call menu options. Learn more about LinkedPhone features. We build and add features based upon feedback from our clients.

LinkedPhone is very affordable and super easy to set up. Traditional business phone systems typically require substantial financial and IT resources to get up and running.  For example, you’d need to purchase PBX server equipment, new hardware and software, compatible desk phones, and hire specialized expertise to configure and maintain your system. With LinkedPhone there is no need to purchase new equipment. It works with the phones, devices, and computers you already have. We take care of the IT stuff for you so you can focus on what matters…building your business.

Traditional phone systems require team members to be located in the same building. Everyone is required to be at their desks to make and receive business calls. Additionally, it is not possible to communicate with customers via text messaging unless you do so from a personal cell phone number. With LinkedPhone, you can call and text clients from anywhere on any device without revealing your personal phone number. Also, team members can be distributed anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Everyone can work where and how they want. Check out our article on cloud-based virtual phone systems for business to learn more.

LinkedPhone understands that small business owners require flexibility, especially when it comes to finances. Rather than charging customers for each feature, our plans provide a comprehensive suite of the business features you need to run your business efficiently. We also provide unlimited business voice and text messaging so you don’t have to worry about counting minutes. Finally, there are no long-term contracts. You can cancel at any time.

Since your business phone number is in the cloud, we can route incoming business calls to any phone, device, or computer you want. It’s business communications for modern workers. You can be on your cell phone in New York while your business partner is on her computer in San Francisco. When customers dial your business number, both devices will ring until someone picks up. Alternatively, a call menu option can be set up to route the call to just you. Or, the caller can utilize the dial-by-name or dial-by-extension feature that comes with every LinkedPhone plan.

FAQ Section of LinkedPhone Website. The graph depicts how cloud-based phone systems, or virtual phone systems, enable workers to use any device and to work from anywhere. LinkedPhone provides easy and affordable business phone solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Our Entrepreneur Plan provides a comprehensive suite of business features, a local business phone number, and 3 linked devices for only $19.99 a month. You can link any phone to your business phone number – your cell phone, a colleague’s phone, or your assistant’s desk phone. You can also talk and text with customers from your computer or laptop, free of charge. We also have plans for toll-free phone numbers and larger teams. Please check out our pricing page for the latest.

Most certainly! We understand that many business owners want to keep their established business numbers. Porting your existing business number to LinkedPhone is easy. We are delighted to assist you throughout the number porting process, free of charge. Click on the button below to provide the brief information we need from you. Once submitted, we’ll manage the porting process from there.

Port My Business Number!

It takes a few minutes set up, not days or weeks. Here are the basic steps.

  • Select a local or toll-free business number from LinkedPhone or keep the number you already have.
  • Next, link your cell, home or office phone to your LinkedPhone number.
  • Add team members. Each team member will receive her own extension.
  • Set your business hours. Linked devices will only ring during these hours.
  • Create a company greeting and voicemail greeting.
  • Set up your Virtual Receptionist to handle incoming calls. We offer a basic set-up (hours, company welcome greeting, voicemail greeting) and an advanced set-up (call menu options, call routing configuration, company directory, informational messages, department call menus).

You may link any working phone or device to LinkedPhone. Since your business phone number is cloud-based, it is not attached to a specific device. When customers dial your business phone number, LinkedPhone instantly routes the call to any device you designate. You may also link office IP phones (phones that work through an internet connection) to your business phone number. Lastly, you can talk and text with customers on your computer or laptop. To learn more about cloud-based business phone systems, check out our blog post.

We recommend you download the LinkedPhone app for the best experience. Learn more about the LinkedPhone business phone number app for iOS and Android. Our app effectively adds your business number as a second phone number on your personal cell phone (no need to buy another phone for business). When you sign up online, you and anyone else you add to your account may use the app free of charge. The LinkedPhone app enables you to call and text from your business number caller ID (your personal phone number stays private), see incoming business phone calls, read and listen to business voicemail, add team members, create team and customer contact lists, share contacts, take notes on customer conversations, create business to-do lists, communicate with and direct message colleagues, transfer live calls to another colleague, review call history, record company greetings, access a live dashboard, and create call menu options. It’s the most powerful business phone number app on the market today.

Yes. Because LinkedPhone is cloud-based, you may link any number of team members to your business phone system. By default, all phones linked to your business phone number ring at the same time. You can customize this any way you want. Each team member will receive his own extension and is automatically added to your company directory. Finally, we create a contact profile for each team member. Team members by message each other in the app or online.

You’ll receive business calls on your personal devices only when you want to. Linked devices ring during business hours. Customize your schedule any way you want. If during business hours you’re unable to pick up a call, we’ll send the caller to either voicemail or to another team member based on your settings.

Generally, yes. For optimal call quality, calls generally go through your carrier. Since most mobile plans provide unlimited minutes, this is not a concern for the vast majority of our users.


We offer toll-free (800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844) and local business phone numbers across all area codes in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about our business phone numbers.

A virtual receptionist essentially mimics the tasks of a live receptionist. For example, when your customers call your business number, LinkedPhone’s virtual receptionist will greet your customers and provide a menu of call options. Your virtual receptionist will handle a call based what your customer is calling about. There are a number of ways to handle an incoming call.

  1. Route calls to customer support, sales, or to a specific person on your team. You can route your calls to any cell phone, home phone, or IP / SIP phone (the desk phone we see in most office environments) easily. Pssst, LinkedPhone has many clients who are entrepreneurs. They love LinkedPhone because they can set up various call menu options for ‘Customer Service’, ‘Technical Support’, etc. and have all those calls routed to themselves. The entrepreneur is able to leave a very polished and professional image while she builds her business! Here’s an example of a company greeting.

“Hello! Thank you for calling Jetsetter Realty. For Sales, press 1. For Technical Support, press 2. For Billing, press 3. For hours and location, press 4. To speak with our receptionist, press 0. Or, dial the extension of the person you wish to reach.”

  1. Play a recorded message with information like store hours, location, special events or promotions.
  2. Send to voicemail. Voicemails are sent to you by email, including the audio file and free voicemail transcription (a written version of the voicemail). Everyone loves this because you can save, download, file, forward, and access them on the go without commingling them with your personal voicemails.
  3. Access your company directory. LinkedPhone produces a company directory automatically based on the users who are linked to your business phone system.
  4. Transfer to sub-menu. Menu options for, for example, a customer service department with its own set of menu options.

Making Calls

We currently only support making calls to U.S. and Canada.  Our app does not support making long distance calls. However, we are constantly enhancing our capabilities. Please check back with us soon.

Calls and texts made from the app will have your business number as the caller ID. Your personal cell phone number will always remain private. Talk & text with anyone in the U.S. or Canada. Calls are made using your carrier network and routed through your business number. Carrier minutes may apply.

Receiving Calls

When the LinkedPhone app is installed on your mobile phone, incoming calls display a prominent LinkedPhone logo as well as caller information. You must allow access to your contacts in order for the app to display these details. The first time you install the app, you will be asked to “Allow”  access to contacts.  You can also enable access to your contacts any time by going to Settings > LinkedPhone and enabling “Contacts” access to the app on your iPhone.

LinkedPhone is very flexible. By default, all team members receive voicemail from your business number. You can customize this any way you want. When setting up call menu options, simply specify one or more voicemail recipients for each option.