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LinkedPhone benefits of a cloud-based small business phone system

Benefits of Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems

Summary table of traditional PBX vs. cloud-based small business phone systems. Quickly see why cloud-based systems offer ultimate flexibility.

This image depicts LinkedPhone's speech recognition technology for business phone systems and automated sales agents. LinkedPhone provides easy and affordable business phone solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Speech Recognition & Virtual Sales Agent by LinkedPhone

Speech recognition technology automates the over-the-phone sales process in the same way live agents can.

LinkedPhone Virtual Office Mobile App Small Business Phone System

LinkedPhone Connects Small Business Owners with Their Customers

LinkedPhone is a business communications provider for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and mobile teams.

Should I Get A Local Or Toll-Free Business Number

Should I Get A Local Or Toll-Free Business Number?

Business owners are confused whether to choose a local or a toll-free number. The number you choose depends on your location and your type of customer.

How To Get More Phone Leads From Your Website

Simply having an attractive domain and a colorful website is not enough. Here are a few ways how you can get more phone leads from your website.

5 Of The Best Mobile Apps for Your Small Business

LinkedPhone, Trello, Slack, Scanner Pro, Contacts Journal CRM are a few amazing mobile apps that will help make work a less tedious for your business.

effective virtual receptionist greeting

7 Tips For Creating An Effective Virtual Receptionist Greeting

The manner in which the automated welcome message greets your customers is important to growing your business. Here are seven tips for creating a virtual receptionist welcome greeting.

How A Business Virtual Receptionist Can Stop Robocalls

Adding a virtual receptionist call menu to your business phone line not only helps to create a professional business image, it also stops all robocalls.

Do I need a business phone number on my website?

Putting your business phone number on your website is a quick and immensely productive marketing strategy. It portrays the fact that your company take customer connection seriously.

Which should I use for my business – a second phone number on my cell phone or a second phone?

A second phone line on your existing cell phone lets you run your business from the palm of your hand and it's a fraction of the cost of getting a second cell phone.

Should I Get a Phone Number for My Business?

When your company starts to develop a brand name of its own, getting a separate phone number for your business-related operations is practical and very useful.

team business phone number

How To Share a Business Phone Number With My Team

Businesses need a more efficient phone system, one that is affordable and efficient, and ensures customers get the treatment they deserve and demand.

virtual phone system

Why Businesses Should Switch to a Virtual Phone System

Businesses need a more efficient phone system, one that is affordable and efficient, and ensures customers get the treatment they deserve and demand.

LinkedPhone - Route Business Calls to Any Cell, Home, Desk Phone

The LinkedPhone Mobile Work Phone

The top reasons to buy a LinkedPhone Mobile Work Phone based on feedback we receive from our customers: Control, Convenience, and Pricing.

Adding Click-To-Dial Or Click-To-Call To Your Website

Adding a click-to-call or click-to-dial link to your website makes it easy for mobile users to quickly dial your LinkedPhone number with a single click.

Introducing Screen Pop For iPhone

LinkedPhone's Screen Pop displays key caller information on your iPhone before you pick up. Finally, seamless customer communications.

How To Add A Business Line To Your Cell Phone

Add a business line to your cell phone in minutes. This is a step-by-step guide on how to configure a LinkedPhone business line on your cell phone.