Business Phone Number

Set up a cloud-based virtual phone system for your business in minutes. Select a local or toll-free business phone number in the U.S. or Canada. Or, port your current business number.

Business Phone Number

Choose any local or toll-free business phone number in the U.S. or Canada.

Unlimited Business Minutes*

No billing surprises. Get unlimited business minutes.

Unlimited Text Messaging*

Business text & MMS messaging with business number caller ID.

Business Contacts

Maintain and share business contacts all in one place.

Business Number Caller ID

Talk & text with customers from your business caller ID. Learn more.

Port your current business number by filling out this short form.

Voicemail Messages

In-app voicemail and email delivery. Forward or save as you please. Learn more.

Voicemail Transcription

Instant voicemail transcription. Read your voicemail from anywhere. Learn more.

Business Mobility

A cloud-based virtual business phone system empowers you to work anywhere, on any device. LinkedPhone works with your existing devices, including mobile phones, landlines, and even your computer.

Mobile App for iOS & Android

No need to buy a separate cell phone for your business. Learn more.

Web Phone

Business talk & text on your computer or laptop. Goodbye desk phone.

Phone System Dashboard

Call volume, minutes, active calls, call queue, and more!

Business Collaboration

Have business partners or team members? Link their devices in seconds.
Share a common business number.

Everyone gets an extension. Route business calls to team members. Learn more.

Team Contacts

Easily manage, share, and communicate with your colleagues. Learn more.

Live Call Transfer

Transfer a live customer call to another team member with a tap.

Keep track of customer conversations and to-do's. Everyone stays in the loop. Learn more.

Virtual Receptionist

Big-company technology is finally available to you.
Add a full suite of professional call menu options.
Route callers to one or more members on your team.
Set business hours. Auto-reply to incoming text messages.

Handle business calls like a big company. Learn more here.

Create a welcome greeting that reflects your company's unique personality.

See who's calling your business number, even on your cell phone. Learn more.

Use call menu options to ring any combination of devices linked to your phone system. Learn more.

Set the business hours during which your devices ring. Learn more.

If you're busy on a call, we'll put new calls in queue & play smooth jazz. Learn more.

Enable callers to search for colleagues by name or extension. Learn more.

Create a secondary call menu for departments or teams. Learn more.

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