Set up a complete small business phone system with our app or on the web. Select a business number in the U.S. or Canada or port your current business number. All features included. No upsell.

LinkedPhone Feature: Local or Toll-Free Business Phone Number

Business Phone Number

Tap to select your own local or toll-free business number in the U.S. or Canada. Talk & text from your business number even on your cell phone. Keep your personal numbers private.

LinkedPhone Feature: Small Business Unlimited Talk & Text

Unlimited Business Minutes*

Rest easy. We've got you covered with unlimited business minutes. No need to worry about going over or losing unused minutes.

LinkedPhone unlimited business text messages on your cell phone

Unlimited Text Messaging*

Text customers from you business number. Text team members. Keep clients in the loop. A revolutionary step forward in business communications. Finally.

LinkedPhone Feature - Keep business and personal contacts separate

Business Contacts

Keep your business contacts separate from personal ones. When you're in a client's profile simply tap to talk, text, add a note, or a to-do item.

LinkedPhone - Call from your business number on your cell phone

Business Number Caller ID

Keep your personal numbers private when you call and text. Customers see your business caller ID even when you use your personal cell phone.

LinkedPhone Feature: Port Your Business Phone Number for Free

Want to keep your current business phone number? Port your number to Learn more about business number porting.

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Voicemail & Free Transcription

Voicemail Messages

Voicemail is instantly delivered by email. Archive and forward voicemails as you please. Never worry about voicemail being deleted by your phone system. No memory hogs with LinkedPhone!

LinkedPhone offers free voicemail transcription - audio to text

Voicemail Transcription

Read your voicemail. You heard that right. Our software converts your audio voice message into text so that you can read voicemail on the go. And yes, it's free!


No longer be glued to your desk to make and receive business phone calls. With LinkedPhone, turn any phone into your work phone instantly! All features included. No upsell.

LinkedPhone Feature: Link any phone, device or team member

Link any cell, home, or office phone to your small business phone system. Linked phones ring when people dial your business number. Start receiving calls in seconds.

LinkedPhone - Mobile app icon

Mobile App for iOS & Android

Use our mobile app for business contacts, team contacts, and to call & text your customers & colleagues. Set up and maintain your Virtual Receptionist with a few taps!

LinkedPhone Feature - Small business phone system online web

LinkedPhone Web

The choice is yours. Set up and manage your small business phone system on the web or with our mobile app. LinkedPhone works the way you work.

LinkedPhone Dashboard Icon for small business phone system

Phone System Dashboard

Get cool stats about your business phone number instantly, on the web or with our mobile app. Get call volume, minutes, active calls, call queue, and more!


Have a business partner or team members? Add them to your small business phone system with a few taps. All features included. No upsell.

LinkedPhone Feature: Extensions & Link Your Team

With LinkedPhone, it's easy to add colleagues to your small business phone system so that they may also make and receive calls from your business number. Everyone gets their own extension!

LinkedPhone Business Phone System Feature - Company Directory

Team Contacts

Tap the team icon in our mobile app to instantly contact anyone on your team. See who's online. Tap to text or call. LinkedPhone makes team communications easy wherever they are!

LinkedPhone Feature: Transfer Live Business Calls to Coworker

Live Call Transfer

Need to transfer a live call to another colleague? LinkedPhone has you covered. Simply tap 'Transfer' and tap the colleague you want to transfer to. It couldn't be easier!

LinkedPhone Feature: Keep Track of Conversations & To-Do Lists

LinkedNotes is a game-changer. Keep track of customer conversations and to-do’s. Jot down notes, reminders, customer requests, and preferences. Supercharge your relationships and work as one seamless team.


Virtual Receptionist performs many of the same tasks that a live receptionist performs, such as greeting callers and routing them to the right person. A cost-effective way to present a professional image. Even if you’re a ‘solopreneur’, convey an established and professional image that delivers instant credibility.

LinkedPhone Feature - Virtual Receptionist Auto Attendant Call Menu

Handle incoming business calls just like a live receptionist! Professional greeting. Call menu. Route calls to one or more users. Play info message. Company directory. Voicemail. Set your business hours. Learn more about Virtual Receptionist.

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Company Greeting

A company greeting welcomes your callers and provides them with call menu options. A company greeting leaves a great impression, whether you're working for yourself or have a large team.

LinkedPhone Feature: See Who's Calling With Call Screening

When you receive business calls on your mobile device, you'll see a LinkedPhone screen with the name of the caller and the call menu option selected to reach you (for example, 'Customer Service' or 'Billing Questions').

LinkedPhone Feature: Route Business Calls To Cell Home Desk Phone

Route calls to individuals or to an entire team. When routing to more than one person, you can have all phones ring at the same time (Simultaneous), one after the other (Sequential), or evenly distribute call load across team members (Round Robin).

LinkedPhone Feature - Set the hours when linked devices ring

Don't worry...your cell phone won't ring off the hook at 3 in the morning (unless you want it too). Set the business hours during which linked devices may receive business calls.

LinkedPhone Call Queue Management

When a call is routed to a team attending to other customers, LinkedPhone adds the caller to your queue. We'll play some cool jazz in the background until someone is able to take the call. If your team is offline, we automatically route the caller to your business voicemail box.

LinkedPhone Business Phone System Feature - Company Directory

When you add team members to LinkedPhone, a company directory is automatically created for you. With this feature, you can add a call menu option to Virtual Receptionist that lets your callers search for team members by name or extension.

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Advanced Sub-Menu

Provides additional call menus for teams and departments. Use when you have a department that requires its own call menu. For example, if you have a customer service department, you can set up an advanced sub-menu customized just for that team.

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