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How does LinkedPhone serve entrepreneurs, start-ups & small businesses in the U.S. and Canada?

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For small business owners & entrepreneurs, it is clear that the way in which we engage with our customers is changing. LinkedPhone is designed to free businesses from the limitations of outdated phone systems. We serve the small business community in Albuquerque with professional-grade phone services once only available to large corporations.

We like to say at LinkedPhone – Freedom Rings! Why? Because we empower modern professionals to work from anywhere, on any device. We believe in simple, honest, and transparent pricing. We are passionate about helping small businesses thrive.

Should I get a local or toll-free phone number for my small business?

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Whether your goal is to achieve a local presence with a local area code or an established national presence with a toll-free prefix, we can help you achieve that goal.

Local business phone numbers are great if your goal is to convey a local presence. A local number gives your customers confidence that they’re dealing with a preferred local business.

Toll-free numbers, on the other hand, convey a national presence (or the appearance of a national presence 😉). They are perceived as belonging to larger, more established, well-run businesses. Toll-free numbers can also instill initial trust and credibility.

Get a Toll-Free Number for Your Business

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Toll-free numbers provide the look and feel of an established national brand (even if you’re just getting started). Click on one of the toll-free area codes below to learn more about toll-free small business business phone numbers.

Business Phone Numbers by U.S. State

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Business Phone Number by Canadian Province

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Business Phone Numbers by Popular Area Codes and Cities in the U.S. and Canada

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