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What is a virtual phone system?

A virtual phone system refers to a phone system that is physically located off-site (i.e., ‘in the cloud’ or ‘virtual’) and managed through the internet. A virtual phone solution provides businesses with a phone number, and routes calls and text messages to the right people at your company, regardless of their preferred device. Your virtual business number isn’t tethered to a cell phone or a desk phone. Instead, you can pick up calls on your cell, desk, home phone or even your laptop.

A virtual solution offers greater flexibility and business features typically lacking in traditional business phone systems (for example, mobility, text messaging, customer notes, etc.). You won’t need a closet full of PBX server equipment or deep knowledge of the intricacies of communications software. With a virtual phone system, providers like LinkedPhone maintain all the equipment, software, and configurations required to service thousands of clients at the same time. LinkedPhone’s scale enables us to pass substantial savings on to you, the small business owner. LinkedPhone also provides the security, reliability, maintenance, deep expertise, and 24/7 monitoring that would not be feasible for small- and medium-sized businesses. Plus, as your company grows in staff or locations, there is no need for major phone system upgrades. Virtual phone systems easily scale as your business grows. Learn more about cloud-based phone systems.

What are the benefits of LinkedPhone's virtual phone solution vs. traditional business phone systems?

LinkedPhone is different from traditional business phone systems. For example, traditional phone systems require team members to be located in the same building. Everyone is required to be at their desks to make and receive business calls. Additionally, it is not possible to communicate with customers via text messaging unless you do so from a personal cell phone number.  Since our technology is cloud-based, you can connect with customers anytime, anywhere, on any device. With LinkedPhone’s mobile app, you can even call and text clients from your personal cell phone without revealing your personal number. Team members can be distributed anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Everyone can work where and how they want. Check out our article on cloud-based virtual phone systems for business to learn more.

Unlike traditional business phone systems, LinkedPhone is affordable and easy to set up. Traditional business phone systems typically require substantial financial and IT resources to get up and running.  For example, you’d need to purchase PBX server equipment, new hardware and software, compatible desk phones, and hire specialized expertise to configure and maintain your system. With LinkedPhone there is no need to purchase new equipment. It works with the phones, devices, and computers you already have. We take care of the IT stuff for you so you can focus on what matters…building your business.

LinkedPhone understands that small business owners require flexibility, especially when it comes to finances. Rather than charging customers for each feature, our plans provide a comprehensive suite of the business features you need to run your business efficiently. We also provide unlimited business voice and text messaging so you won’t have to worry about counting minutes. There are no pushy sales people trying to sell you more features and there are no hidden charges or taxes. Finally, there are no long-term contracts that lock you in. You can cancel at any time.

We offer business phone numbers across all area codes in the U.S. and Canada, including toll-free area codes. Learn more about LinkedPhone business phone numbers.

How much does LinkedPhone's virtual phone system cost?

Our Entrepreneur Plan provides you with comprehensive business features, a local business phone number, and 3 linked devices for only $19.99 a month. You can link any phone to your business phone number – your cell phone, a colleague’s phone, or your assistant’s desk phone. You can also talk and text with customers from your computer or laptop, free of charge. We also have plans for toll-free phone numbers and larger teams. Please check out our pricing page for the latest.

LinkedPhone provides a full suite of business features included with all of our plans. These include business caller ID, text and MMS messaging, peer-to-peer messaging, voicemail, voicemail transcription (written version of your voicemail), business hours (devices ring only when you want them to), team contacts, customer contacts, customer notes, to-do list management, company directory, call queue management and professional call menu options. Learn more about LinkedPhone features. We build and add features based upon feedback from our clients. Please submit any requests here.

I already have a business phone number. Can I transfer it to LinkedPhone?

Absolutely. Simply fill out this short form to port your phone number to LinkedPhone.

Tell me about the key features of LinkedPhone's virtual phone system.

LinkedPhone offers ‘big company’ technology for small business owners. One of our key features is what we call Virtual Receptionist, a professional feature we offer to all LinkedPhone customers, free of charge. Also known as ‘Auto-Attendant’, LinkedPhone’s Virtual Receptionist performs many of the same tasks that live receptionists perform, like greeting callers and routing them to the right person or team at your business. Virtual Receptionist is a cost-effective way to present a professional image 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Even if you’re an entrepreneur, Virtual Receptionist conveys an established and professional image that delivers instant credibility for you and your business.

The best part about Virtual Receptionist is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a professional, corporate-quality phone system. There is no need to buy expensive equipment, hire specialized IT personnel to install servers and software, or study lengthy user manuals. Leave the hard work to us.

What can LinkedPhone's Virtual Receptionist do?

Finger Press Phone Keypad Icon for selection of call menu options for LinkedPhone Virtual Phone System

Call Menu Options

Call menu options automatically perform an action when a keypad button is pressed. For example, a caller may press 1 for store hours, press 2 for customer service, press 3 for billing questions, press 4 for voicemail, press 5 for company directory. What used to cost small businesses over $10,000 is now available from LinkedPhone for $19.99 a month.

Clock icon depicting ability of business owners to set busines hours during which mobile phone rings

Business Hours

All devices linked to your business phone number ring only when you want them to. You can configure Virtual Receptionist to handle calls differently when your business is open vs. when your business is closed. When your business is open, Virtual Receptionist routes calls based on caller input (for example, billing questions vs. technical support). When your business is closed, calls are sent directly to voicemail. Of course, you can customize these settings to accommodate your specific business needs.

Smart phone with eyeball highlighting that you can see incoming business calls on your smart phone

Business Call Screening

If you're using your mobile device for business calls, LinkedPhone's call screening feature makes it clear which calls are business calls and which calls are personal calls. Before you pick up, you'll see the name of the person calling and, if applicable, the call menu option selected. This provides a quick heads up for the types of questions the customer might ask.

Phone handset icon with sound waves depicting an outgoing company or welcome greeting for small business call menu

Welcome Greeting

A welcome greeting provides callers with a company greeting and, if you decide to set them up, a list of call menu options. A company greeting lets callers know they've reached the right number and gives them confidence that they're working with a professional business. You have three options for your company greeting. 1) Use your own voice 2) Use our excellent text to speech technology, or 3) Upload an MP3 file. You also have the option of working with our professional voice talent. If you're interested in professional voice talent, drop us a note with your script, your preferred voice among the samples below, and we'll work to get you the best possible pricing.

Male Voice Talent

Female Voice Talent

One dot with two arrow to two other dots. With LinkedPhone's call routing, you can route customers calls to any team, department, or individual at your business

Call Routing

Route incoming business calls to the right person or to an entire team. You've likely called into a big company and heard "Press 1 for Customer Service" or "Press 2 for Billing". LinkedPhone provides the very same technology to you, without the hassle or the expenses. Virtual Receptionist routes business calls to mobile phones, office IP phones, and landlines. You can even talk and text on your laptop or computer. When routing calls to a sales team, for example, all phones ring at the same time until someone picks up (Simultaneous Call Routing). You may also configure your sales teams' phones to ring one at a time  (Sequential Call Routing) or to evenly distribute call loads across your team (Round Robin Call Routing). If your team is busy, the caller is placed in queue with hold music until someone becomes available. Lastly, you can set up a team voicemail box so that every unanswered call is attended to.

LinkedPhone Virtual Receptionist: Play Info Message

Play Informational Message

Play a message with important information you'd like to convey to customers. For example, a pre-recorded message can be used to relay business hours, office location, company website, email, special sales, promotions, company events, or general updates about your business. Again, you may use your own voice, use our advanced text to speech technology, or upload an MP3 file.

LinkedPhone business voicemail icon

Voicemail & Voicemail Transcription

Business voicemail is sent instantly to the LinkedPhone mobile app and to any email address you specify. Our customers love this since they check email far more frequently than they do voicemail. LinkedPhone also transcribes your voicemail free. Read your voicemail anytime you're on the go.

Team Members icon for Adding Team Members to LinkedPhone's virtual phone system for business

Company Directory

When you add team members to LinkedPhone, a company directory is automatically created for you. There is no need to build or maintain a company directory manually as team members enter and exit your business. Callers may search for team members by name or extension.

Call sub-menu icon for business teams and departments

Multi-Tier Call Menu

Multi-tier call menus ( a.k.a. sub-menu) provide additional call menus for teams and departments. Use this feature if you have a department that requires its own call menu. For example, if you have a customer service department, you can set up a multi-tier call menu customized just for that team - 'Press 1 for product support' and 'Press 2 for billing questions'. From here, you can direct callers to colleagues who are specialized in these areas.

How do I use LinkedPhone's virtual phone system with my cell phone?

We recommend using the LinkedPhone app for the best experience. Our app effectively adds a second number to your cell phone (no need to buy another mobile phone for business). It’s like having two lines – a personal line and a business line.

The LinkedPhone app lets you to call and text from your business number caller ID (your personal phone number stays private), see incoming business phone calls, read and listen to business voicemail, add team members, create team and customer contact lists, share contacts, take notes on customer conversations, create business to-do lists, communicate with colleagues, transfer live calls to another colleague, review call history, record company greetings, access a live dashboard, and create call menu options. It’s the most powerful business phone number app on the market today.

When you sign up online, you and anyone else you add to your account may use the LinkedPhone app free of charge. For optimal call quality, calls generally go through your carrier. Since most mobile plans provide unlimited minutes, this is not a concern for the vast majority of our users.

Is LinkedPhone's virtual phone system easy to set up?

The elegance of LinkedPhone’s cloud-based system is how easy it is to set up. We are very focused on providing a clean and intuitive work environment while preserving power and functionality. You can set up a phone system for your entire company in just a few minutes. The images below illustrate how easy it is to set up a call menu option that routes calls to select team members.

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3. Set Up Virtual Receptionist

Welcome greeting. Voicemail. Set business hours. Add call menu options. Set which devices ring. Learn more about Virtual Receptionist. Explore all LinkedPhone business features.

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