How A Business Virtual Receptionist Can Stop Robocalls

Robocall Epidemic Worsens

People all over the world are constantly flooded with robocalls or spam calls and what is troubling is that there is no definitive fix for it on the horizon as well. In fact, robocalls affect approximately 13 million consumers per day nationwide. In June 2018, around 4.1 billion robocalls were placed in the US and in other regions. These pre-recorded phone messages are the reason for disturbed meetings/dinners, wasted hours of productive time and even fraud.

While robocalls have irritated consumers no end to become the top consumer complaint, many people are troubled by the fact that you cannot really put a stop to these pre-recorded messages.

What Exactly is a Robocall?

A robocall is usually considered to be spam. It is a type of phone call that makes use of a computerized auto-dialer to transmit a previously recorded message. It gives you the impression that a robot is conversing with you. Typically, robocalls convey emergency announcements, political campaigns, and telemarketing phone promotions. While this was still tolerable to an extent, it was disturbing these calls started getting linked to major phone scams.

Legal vs. Illegal Robocalls

No doubt, all robocalls are infuriating; however, not all are unauthorized. Genuinely valid companies are permitted to send robocalls to the cellular and landline phone numbers of customers, provided they stand true to certain regulations. Legal robocalls need to mention who is initialing the call. These calls need to include an address as well as telephone number so that tracking the caller (if required) is not an issue.

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Illegal calls, on the other hand, have no regard for government communication laws. These callers know that what they are doing is illegal so naturally, they do not consider the ‘Do Not Call List’ or register with the government. The sole intention of these callers is to steal from you.

Reducing and Permanently Stopping Robocalls

Although conventional methods merely work to reduce the number of unnecessary calls (since stopping these calls completely is not possible), staying true to these precautionary measures work to a certain degree.

    • Reporting a call: If you believe that a specific robocall is illegal or fishy, it is essential to file a complaint immediately. Mention the phone number, the date of the call, and what the caller was asking for.
    • Register yourself on the ‘do not call’ list: Signing up for this registry stops legally registered companies from placing spam calls to your cellular or landline phone number. It does not completely stop but works to minimize the number of robocalls you receive.

Other than this, outsourcing phone lines to virtual reception companies work to lessen the nuisance and expenses associated with machine-made and telemarketing calls.

The Role of a Business Virtual Receptionist

If you want to eliminate the number of calls or more importantly illegal robocalls going through to you or your business, you can take advantage of a business virtual receptionist. This is because when it comes to screening incoming calls, a virtual receptionist call menu picks up first, on the first ring. The business virtual receptionist requires caller input for the call to go through. A robocall will not be able to navigate a call menu. Only legitimate calls will be able to select the correct menu option to get through.

Advantages of a Business Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist works all day every day to manage your phone calls in an effective and professional manner. Depending upon your business needs and requirements, a virtual reception offers basic customer service by attending to messages and forwarding calls to the right people. Besides, routing legitimate calls and stopping robocalls, a business virtual receptionist also helps to:

    • Answer your calls promptly even when you are out
    • Satisfy customers and clients with the information they need
    • Attend to your calls even when you are closed
    • Transfer urgent calls
    • Professional greet callers by name, automatically respond to them
    • Offer missed caller ID

You cannot answer every call, and having a business virtual receptionist take care of this task for you proves to be immensely effective in maintaining a responsive and always available approach.

It is a known fact that robocalls are not going anywhere. No matter how advanced technology gets. But that does not mean you cannot protect yourself from these calls in a successful way. A business virtual receptionist helps do this for you in a clever and professional way.

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