What Happened to Sideline Pro?

Recently, Sideline Pro, the popular business communication service by Pinger, announced its closure. This decision may come as an inconvenience to many Sideline Pro users who have relied on its features to effectively manage their business communications. However, Pinger has made efforts to ease the transition by migrating users to 'Index', their new platform.

While 'Index' may be a suitable solution for some, it may not meet the specific needs of every Sideline Pro user. That's where LinkedPhone comes in. With LinkedPhone, you can seamlessly port your number from Sideline Pro and enjoy a wide range of features to enhance your business communication.

Revisiting Sideline Pro and the Purpose It Served

Sideline Pro was a popular virtual phone system designed for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. With powerful features like a second business line, customizable voicemail greetings, SMS texting, call forwarding and more, Sideline Pro enabled users to keep their personal and professional communications separate.

Having a reliable, dedicated business phone number and seamless communication tools is crucial for companies in the digital age. The ability to text and call clients, take voicemails and never miss an important business conversation from anywhere is invaluable. Sideline Pro provided an affordable, convenient solution for solopreneurs, remote teams and entrepreneurs on the go to maintain a professional presence and efficiently communicate with customers.

What Exactly Happened to Sideline Pro?

Sideline Pro has undergone some major changes, the parent company Pinger has transitioned Sideline Pro into a new dedicated small business app called Index. This transition means that Sideline Pro is no longer available or supported.

How This Transition is Going to Impact Existing Users?

While Pinger tried to make this a smooth transition, there may be some inconvenience for Sideline Pro users. While going through the pain of regular transition process, existing users should keep in mind that –

  • Index will not work on iOS 13 or earlier, so users with older iPhones will need to upgrade their device. 
  • Users will also need to cancel any active Sideline Pro subscriptions and re-subscribe under Index to avoid duplicate charges if they want to continue with Index.
  • Since Sideline Pro numbers are classified as VoIP, porting the number to another carrier may be more difficult. Users looking to port their number should check carrier policies carefully. 

However, this transition officially marks the end of Sideline Pro as it previously existed. Users who want to continue the same small business communication features will need to adopt Index by completing the necessary steps or switch to the new platform like LinkedPhone.

Sideline Pro Customers Are Seeking Similar Apps That Serve the SMB Community

We have written this blog post because customers of Sideline Pro have discovered LinkedPhone and are highly satisfied with the services we offer. We are optimistic that we can provide substantial value to you as well.

With LinkedPhone, you have the ability to manage your business from any location. If you are considering switching to a new service provider, you can try our services for 7 days without any risk. All of our plans include unlimited minutes and text messaging. Your business phone number can be used with various devices such as landlines, VoIP phones, mobile phones, and even laptops.

LinkedPhone’s intuitive interface and versatility made it a top choice amongst the small business community. We simplify the process of transferring your existing business number to LinkedPhone, which typically takes a few days. As you search for alternatives to Sideline Pro, we are here to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Take a look at the highlights, features, and benefits provided below.

Features and Benefits of LinkedPhone

Icon of business store front

Business Caller ID

Your personal number stays private. Choose a local or toll-free phone number or port your current business number.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Phone Keypad and Business Caller ID
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot - Text Messaging and MMS from Business Phone Number Caller ID
Smart phone with eyeball highlighting that you can see incoming business calls on your smart phone

Distinctive Business Notifications

Easily identify business calls & texts.

LinkedPhone mobile app screenshot of call screening; incoming business call vs personal call
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Incoming Business Text Message Notification
Team Members icon for Adding Team Members to LinkedPhone's virtual phone system for business

Add Colleagues and Business Partners

Share a common business number with your team.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Team Contacts and Colleaues
Circle with profile of generic client or customer

Business & Customer Contacts

Keep business contacts separate from personal ones.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot Business Contacts and Importing
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Contact Profile Fields
Icon of two notes with pushpin depiciting customer CRM note-taking feature in LinkedPhone

Call Notes & To-Do's

Stay on top of your business with ease.

LinkedNotes Mobile App CRM Stream for All Customers Screenshot
LinkedNotes Mobile App CRM Notes Stream for Single Customer
Lady with Headset Icon for LinkedPhone's virtual receptionist and call menu options for virtual phone system

Call Menu Options

Greetings, voicemail, call routing, business hours, directory.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Business Hours Welcome Greeting and Voicemail
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Call Menu Options Configurations
One dot with two arrow to two other dots. With LinkedPhone's call routing, you can route customers calls to any team, department, or individual at your business

Call Routing

Press 1 for Sales. Route calls to the right person every time.

Virtual Receptionist and Call Menu Options LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot
Virtual Receptionist and Select Call Routing Recipients App Screenshot
LinkedPhone business voicemail icon

Business Voicemail

Voicemail and voicemail transcription delivered instantly.

LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Voicemail and Voicemail Transcription
LinkedPhone Mobile App Screenshot of Record Business Voicemail Greetings
Icon for laptop, cell phone, landline, VoIP phone for LinkedPhone virtual phone system

Works Across All Devices

It's magic. LinkedPhone numbers work seamlessly across cell phones, office phones, computers.

Virtual phone numbers infographic - Icons for phone keypad, PBX server, VoIP phone, mobile phone, laptop, desktop, iPad, landline
How to Icon

How to Port a Sideline Pro Number to LinkedPhone

  • To move your business number over to LinkedPhone, you'll need to set up a LinkedPhone account first.
  • Start by choosing a temporary number from our directory to use for your phone system for now.
  • Once your number porting request is finished, we'll swap your temporary number for your actual business number.
  • Your LinkedPhone configuration will stay the same during this transition.


It's easy to bring your current business phone number with you to LinkedPhone! We're happy to facilitate this for free. Just fill out this quick form and send us the front page of a recent phone bill (a picture or pdf will suffice). The process usually takes about a week.

    Please upload an image or pdf of the front page of your phone bill here:

    Please email to [email protected] if you have any questions. We look forward to partnering with you.


    The closure of Sideline Pro provides an opportunity to explore other options that may better serve your small business needs. While exploring these options, keep LinkedPhone in mind as a recommended choice based on its reliability, positive reputation, and dedication to the small business community.

    LinkedPhone's Commitment to Small Businesses

    As a dedicated small business communication platform, LinkedPhone strives to empower business owners with robust features tailored to their needs. From easy number porting to advanced call routing, LinkedPhone offers solutions to simplify and streamline operations for SMBs.

    At LinkedPhone, we understand the challenges small companies face, we aim to provide the solutions and efficiency entrepreneurs need to succeed. Our team works hard to deliver an exceptional user experience so you can focus on growing your business, not your phone system. LinkedPhone promises to be your constant companion on the journey from humble beginnings to business success.

    Empower Your Business With LinkedPhone

    Thank you for taking the time to read this overview of the changes happening with Sideline Pro. We know transitions can be inconvenient, but rest assured there are reliable solutions available to keep your small business communication running smoothly. With Sideline’s closure, you now have the power to find an even better fit to empower your business.

    We encourage you to take action by exploring your options, especially LinkedPhone. Consider starting a free trial to experience our dedicated business communication platform designed to help your company operate efficiently.

    We wish you the best as you find the ideal communication solutions to continue growing your business.

    Icon with two speech bubbles highlighting LinkedPhone's business texting


    We understand that researching Sideline Pro alternatives and transitioning service providers can be a pain. Please go through our website to see if LinkedPhone is the right fit for your business. Signing up is super easy. You can do so in our mobile app or by clicking here to sign up on the web. Either way, you'll have access to all the features that LinkedPhone has to offer. If you'd like to port your number now, the porting process can be completed in just a few days. Whether porting your number now or after you've tested out our service, we're here to help.

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    If you have any questions as you explore alternatives, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected], by phone at 1-877-538-5888, or by simply clicking here. We wish you the very best during your transition.

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