How Voicemail Transcription Boosts Productivity & Customer Service

How Does Voicemail Transcription Work?

Voicemail transcription, also known as visual voicemail, is a voice-to-text technology which attempts to automatically transcribe the spoken words from a voicemail message into text in a readable format on any smartphone or other digital device. Sometimes referred to as voice-to-text, speech-to-text, or voicemail-to-text, transcribed messages may be delivered via email, SMS, or mobile apps.

Finding time in your busy workday schedule to listen to voice messages between meetings may not be the most effective use of your time. This is especially true since listening to voicemail messages can be so time-consuming if you have a lot to catch up on, and the way your business phone system works.

You’ve got to sign into the phone system and follow the prompts to access your voicemail messages. Then, as you’re listening to the recordings, you may need to rewind at least once to jot down the name, phone number, and relevant details.

And that’s for a straightforward message. What if your caller leaves a long rambling message? You may end up replaying the recording a few times to unearth the essential information. Why not simply read your voice messages instead?

Voicemail transcription solves the issues of retrieving voice messages, making it faster and easier to review voicemail and get back to callers in a timely fashion. This frees up time in your schedule, increases your efficiency, and improves your customers’ experiences.

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What is Voicemail Transcription?

Voicemail transcription is the process of converting audio voicemail messages into written text. This service is often made possible by advanced speech recognition technology.

The ability to transcribe voicemail is a common feature of a virtual phone system like LinkedPhone. It is also available through third-party transcription services or voicemail to text apps that can be used to transcribe voicemail in phone systems that don’t include this feature.

Once transcribed, the text voicemail is typically sent to the recipient via email or SMS text message for easy access.

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Benefits of Transcribing Voicemails for Business

Visual voicemail can boost your business productivity in various ways. It enables you to capture and review the details of messages on the go so you can respond in a more timely fashion. Plus, transcribing voicemails frees you to focus on your core business instead of spending time dialing in to voicemail to retrieve voice message recordings.

There are several advantages to visual voicemail that boost productivity including:

    • Time savings and efficiency: It typically takes less time to read a voicemail transcript than it does to log in and listen to an entire audio message. You and your employees can quickly scan the text voicemail to grasp the message’s context, urgency, and essential details so you can respond or act more expeditiously.
    • Easier to understand: The ability to read voicemail eliminates the challenges of listening to a message left by someone who speaks rapidly or is slow to get to the point. Plus, transcribed voice messages eliminate the issue of difficulty hearing the recording due to background noise in your environment.
    • Greater collaboration and communication: It’s easier to share a voicemail transcript than an audio recording with a colleague or team member. You can forward the text voicemail to the appropriate person via email and provide additional context or relevant information. This is especially helpful when you’re handing a customer over to a different department or individual that has never engaged with the customer previously.
    • Accessibility: Voicemail transcription is useful for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. Visual voicemail makes it possible for these team members to read voicemail messages to gather essential details without human staff intervention. This might be useful in the case of an accounting person or other staff member who doesn’t necessarily need to speak with the caller but needs the information contained in the voice message.
    • Documentation and record-keeping: A voicemail transcript is a written record of communications with customers. It’s a great way to keep track of client requests, feedback, and reference information. All you need to do is attach it to the customer’s CRM profile or save it in your LinkedPhone Client Notes.
    • Compliance and legal concerns: If your industry has legal or regulatory requirements, voicemail transcription provides you with a written record of calls from clients as documentation.
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Customer Service Advantages of Voicemail to Text

Converting voicemail to text offers many advantages to your customer service department and helps improve your clients’ experiences with your business. A better experience is often the result of great customer service. This, in turn, can boost customer retention, loyalty, and business growth.

Some of the customer service advantages you can reap from using voicemail to text include:

    • Quicker response times: Voicemail transcription enables customer service representatives to read and understand messages from customers faster than listening to voice message recordings. This allows them to respond faster and address customer issues or requirements promptly, boosting response times and customer satisfaction.
    • Greater accuracy: A voicemail transcript ensures that your employees won’t miss a detail that they might accidentally omit when jotting notes while listening to voice message playbacks. This helps prevent miscommunications or misunderstandings between clients and service agents for more rapid and thorough issue resolution.
    • Better call routing: Voicemail transcripts can be easily analyzed and sorted based on their content or key phrases, making it easier to direct messages to the appropriate department or service representative. This accelerates issue resolution and improves the customer’s experience.
    • Customer relationship management: Text voicemail facilitates documentation and tracking. It makes it easy to maintain customer interaction records by storing transcripts in CRM for future reference. This facilitates tracking the progress of more complex issue resolution and steps taken to address matters.
    • Better personalization: Written voice message records offer valuable insights about customer preferences, concerns, and recurring issues. This allows customer service representatives to gain a greater understanding of each customer’s needs. This empowers service personnel to tailor responses and provide a more personalized customer experience.
    • Multilingual support: Using voicemail to text helps service representatives effectively and efficiently assist customers regardless of their native language by allowing them to translate message contents and respond via email or text message. This enables agents to better understand customer concerns while remaining sensitive to each individual’s needs.
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How LinkedPhone Voicemail Transcription Works

At LinkedPhone, our mission is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses. We strive to empower you to work from anywhere and provide tools to simplify communications so you can easily grow your business.

One such tool is our voicemail transcription feature. This capability means your business voicemail is automatically sent to the LinkedPhone mobile app and to your email address immediately. Voicemail to text apps streamline the voicemail screening process making it easier to prioritize them before responding.

LinkedPhone excels in the following areas:

    • Pricing – With straightforward, honest and transparent pricing, LinkedPhone offers affordable options to keep you connected on the go.
    • Hassle-free – No contracts, no upselling, and no surprises.
    • Simple – Setup is easy - no new hardware, no technicians, and no appointments.
    • Support – LinkedPhone is there for you when you need help.
    • Professional features – All business features are included in every plan for the same low price.

Your LinkedPhone virtual phone system includes professional calling features like:

    • Business phone number – Select a local or toll-free virtual phone number or port your current number.
    • Unlimited talk and text – Text messaging is included at no additional charge.
    • Mobile app – Use your personal device to manage your business communications anywhere you go.
    • Voicemail & transcription – Both audio and text transcriptions are delivered instantly.
    • Call menu options – Makes a professional impression on callers and streamlines your communications.
    • Call queue – Keep incoming calls in queue while listening to custom music as you wrap up another call.
    • Client Notes CRM – Team based customer notes CRM, to-do lists, and reminders that instantly update across your devices.

Plus, LinkedPhone offers cost-effective ways to add colleagues, assign extensions, and share a business phone number with your team.

Leverage the Benefits of Voicemail Transcription with LinkedPhone

Voicemail transcripts can make your business run more efficiently while helping your staff deliver a better customer experience. That’s because voicemail to text makes it easier to direct calls, collaborate internally for quicker call resolution, and helps your staff gain a better understanding of your client’s needs. You can even receive voicemail transcriptions by email or sms & mms text messages in addition to seeing previews via push notifications.

Plus, you can easily track and document issues that take longer to address. This gives you a written history of the process in your CRM, preventing customers from having to recap prior interactions each time they engage with your staff.

This all adds up to increased customer satisfaction, customer retention and loyalty, and faster business growth.

Interested in boosting productivity and service with voicemail transcription? Start your 7-day free trial of LinkedPhone today!

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