WHAT IS LinkedNotes?

LinkedNotes is another premium feature we offer to all LinkedPhone customers, free of charge! What are LinkedNotes? Think of LinkedNotes as a group text with your team about customer updates. It’s is an easy way to keep track of customer conversations and to-do’s. We’ve all been there. You’re on the phone with a customer who has a specific request or needs to make an appointment. You attempt to commit it to memory but forget. LinkedNotes enable you to jot down notes, reminders, customer requests, and preferences on-call or off-call in our mobile app. You can easily refer back to all notes written about a particular client in his profile. LinkedNotes empower you with the information you need for seamless client interactions across your team. It’s no secret that good customer relationship management (CRM for short) drives customer retention and business growth.

LinkedNotes are powerful because it keeps everyone on your team aligned and ‘in the loop’ so that everyone operates as one cohesive unit. For example, let’s say a customer calls in about the status of a shipment. You can jot this down in LinkedNotes and add a reminder to send a shipment notification. If this customer calls in again and speaks with a different team member, she can quickly skim LinkedNotes to continue a seamless flow of conversation. “Ah yes. I see that you called in yesterday about the status of your delivery. Your order was shipped out yesterday. You should receive it in the next couple of days.” No more guessing with whom the client spoke or what was discussed. LinkedNotes provide an optimal customer experience, helping you and your team build long-lasting relationships that directly impact your bottom line. Rest assured, only you and your team can view LinkedNotes. If you write a LinkedNote about an upset client, that information won’t leave your business.

Here are some examples of how business owners use LinkedNotes:

  • Kevin set up an appointment on Thursday at 1pm. Add to calendar.
  • Nancy referred another client to our business. Remember to send her a thank you note.
  • Wedding cake must be gluten-free and vegan. Ugh. Need to explore recipes!
  • Robert called about his invoice. Need to follow up. Can someone in billing address this please?
  • Adolfo would like to take advantage of our email promotion. Let's get him set up asap.
  • Sandy prefers text and email to phone calls. Take note for future correspondence.
  • Dana wants to reserve the entire restaurant for an event. Need to get back to him with open dates.
  • Sean wants closing documents sent overnight. Call legal team asap.
  • Received a complaint from Sai. Product isn't working for him.
  • Yolanda is referring us to her largest client. Wow! Go team!

In our mobile app, you will see an icon for “LinkedNotes” in the main menu at the bottom of your screen. When you tap on the icon, all new LinkedNotes appear. You can filter notes by type. Each LinkedNote may be labeled in four different ways: 1) Comment 2) Urgent 3) To-Do: Incomplete 4) To-Do: Complete. To update the status of a LinkedNote, simply tap the three dots underneath the icon. To display all LinkedNotes written about a particular client, just tap on any note written about that client. LinkedNotes makes it easy to keep track of all of the important calls you and your team have with your valued customers!

More questions about LinkedPhone? Check out our FAQ.

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