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Business phone systems have completely changed communication in today’s modern workplace. A business phone system can help your business stay organized, sound professional and stay connected.

As the world becomes more active, small businesses are more in need of a telephone system that will allow them to integrate, scale, and adapt. Many organizations are beginning to appreciate the power of the “cloud” and the versatility associated with adopting a telephone system to ever-changing needs.

Business phone systems support a network of land or Internet-based telephone lines for incoming and outgoing calls. These systems are available in various forms. Business phone systems to come with many features and price ranges and providing options for businesses of all sizes, from single owners to call centers.

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What to Expect From Virtual Business Phone System Providers

Stay available, productive and effective at any time, in any place, in a highly mobile world. With a simple and minimalist interface, this is an ideal solution for startups and small businesses that are modernizing communication technology. Here’s are some features which say why virtual phone systems have become the norm.

Virtual Local and Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Virtual phone systems give access to local and toll-free phone numbers worldwide. Users can operate any country phone numbers without the hardware cost of each phone number. In this way, businesses can offer their customers a local choice at each geographic location that creates trust and facilitates easy communication.


The auto attendant settings answer every call in a professional and timely manner. This ensures that all incoming calls are automatically monitored with a pre-recorded greeting regardless of the time of the call. Companies can record individual greetings or use a voice studio to give callers a professional introduction.

Call Transfer

Virtual phone systems provide instant and seamless call forwarding. Call screening ensures routing important calls to the office, home or the alternative phone numbers.

Visual Voicemail

Virtual phone systems can forward voicemail or fax message attachments to a preferred email address so that they can be reached remotely from any mobile device or PC. You can also read or listen to your voicemail in a mobile app or your laptop.

Mobile Access

With virtual phone systems, you can answer, redirect and review phone calls from your mobile device. Many virtual phone systems offer a mobile companion app for easy access, so you would be able to respond to clients with unprecedented agility from any location in the world.

Advantages of a Business Phone System

    • It’s much economical to set up a business phone system. You just have to pay a low monthly fee for service, equipment, and internet.
    • Calls can be made using your laptop and headset.
    • A business phone system is easy to set up and doesn’t require extra efforts.
    • If your company has branches in different locations, the business phone system helps unite them. All employees will be integrated into one network.
    • There are particular settings for efficient tracking to the call center operators. Thus, you may increase the service quality.

How to Decide Which Business Phone Systems Are Best For Your Company?

Business phone systems are a vital part of your companies inbound and outbound communication strategy. A good phone system includes features that help both employees and customers, like user extensions, voicemail, an auto-attendant, and CRM integrations. It should be affordable, easy to use, and supported by strong customer support. One should consider virtual business phone systems based on the following guidelines:

Price: The price should be based on the features offered by the provider and the number of users is included.

Features: The number and types of features each business phone system offered, overall and within each tier, where applicable.

Ease of Use: How easy each phone system is to set up and use.

Customer Support: The types of customer support each provider offered along with its online accessibility and live support hours of availability.

No matter what people say about technology replacing calls, reports state that about 61% of mobile searchers describe calls as an important part of the buying process. When it comes to generating leads, the calls placed to both these business number types come with their own sets of advantages. The type of number you choose for your business essentially depends on your location, and the type of customer you are looking to target.

How LinkedPhone Helps You Use Your Cell Phone to Run Your Business?

Linkedphone virtual numbers can be an excellent way to reduce administrative expenses. For small teams or multilevel organizations, our features provide a new level of flexibility and mobility that is otherwise not available for legacy solutions.

Linkedphone phone systems are easy to use, affordable, and mobile friendly. Setting up a business phone line just takes a few minutes.

Simply Download our LinkedPhone App, create an account and choose a number in thousands of local and toll-free phone numbers available in the United States and Canada which best suits your business. Set up your subscription, configure your users and hit “continue” button to finish the process. You are all set to use your mobile to communicate with your customers from anywhere with your virtual phone number/without knowing your personal number.

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