Should I Get a Local or Toll-Free Business Number for My Business?

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Starting a business is the easy part. It’s what comes after that isn’t easy at all. Running a business functionally, and attending to clients and customers alike is an arduous task. The most important part of a business operations revolve around communication.

A business phone number works to drive sales since it helps you stay accessible to customers. About 94% of users needed to call a business after searching for it on their phones. This sort of report makes it clear that a business phone number is still required to thrive.

Business owners are often confused whether to choose a local number or a toll-free number for their business. Here is how you can make an informed decision.

Local Phone Number vs Toll-Free Numbers

A local phone number helps you get up close and personal with customers. It enhances the local presence of a business and gives the company an image of being easily attainable to its customers.

Toll-free numbers, on the other hand, are handy for businesses looking to set up a country wide presence or a corporate image. Toll free numbers promote an established mature business presence and can enhance the power of your business image among customers looking for a large stable company to work with.

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Benefits Of A Local Phone Number for Business

Works Well For Local Advertising Campaigns

If you want to use your contact number in your business local marketing campaigns, a local number works well. This is particularly true if your business is planning to target customers in a certain region. Customers also like the thought of working with someone who is located close by in the same city or neighborhood.

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Establishing a Local Presence is Trouble-Free

A toll-free number looks robotic and impersonal. On the other hand, a local number gives your business a friendly neighborhood small business feeling. This enhances follow-ups and leads. If your main focus involves setting up a good customer base locally, a local number works wonders. In addition, it also maximizes the chances of your business showing up in phone books and local online searches.

Benefits of a Toll-Free Number for Business

Toll-Free Numbers are Free to Call

A factor to take into consideration is how convenient your number is for your customers. While a local phone number can charge customers in different area codes with a long distance fee for a call placed, a toll-free number ensures people can get in touch with you without paying from their pockets. While most cell phone carriers offer free unlimited calling. Many landlines still charge for calls outside the local area code. If the call is free, customers are more likely to get in touch with your business. This can boost the sales of your business.

Create a National Brand Image

Establishing a national brand that is different from your competitors is essential but hard to accomplish. Why not make a toll free number part of your business brand. Having a single toll-free number for all your locations that is easy to recollect can be used on billboards, company cards and websites. This in turn offers a better recall rate and more calls.

Conduct Business Activities From Anywhere

If you are looking to expand your business or service customers across the country, toll-free numbers are the way to go. This is because these numbers are not tied to a specific city or state.

Summary: Local vs. Toll-Free Phone Numbers for Business

No matter what people say about technology replacing calls, reports state that about 61% of mobile searchers describe calls as an important part of the buying process. When it comes to generating leads, the calls placed to both these business number types come with their own sets of advantages. The type of number you choose for your business essentially depends on your location, and the type of customer you are looking to target.

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