Best Digital Nomad Jobs for Beginners & Experienced Workers

Top 10 Digital Nomad Jobs for Remote Work:

    1. Virtual Assistant (VA) Jobs
    2. Sales
    3. Data Entry
    4. Customer Service Roles
    5. Online Tutoring
    6. Translator
    7. Graphic Designer
    8. Technical, Marketing, or Creative Writer
    9. Accountant
    10. Operations Manager

The number of remote workers increased by 112 percent between 2019 and 2021 resulting in 15.5 million American workers describing themselves as digital nomads. They combine remote jobs and traveling for various lengths of time, sometimes changing countries or continents.

The same research found that an increasing number of traditional job holders have adopted this lifestyle, rising from 6.3 million in 2020 to 10.2 million in 2021 and living as digital nomads while holding traditional jobs. So, if you’re looking to become a digital nomad or take your business remote, you’re not alone.

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Rise of the working nomad

By 2025, 36.2 million Americans are projected to be working remotely, according to a recent study. That’s an 87% percent increase from pre-pandemic levels.

The digital nomad lifestyle was growing in popularity long before the COVID pandemic made businesses send employees home to work. In fact, the term digital nomad was first coined in 1997, shortly after Wi-Fi was released for consumer use.

Thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns, more people are now embracing working remotely to the point that they want the freedom to work from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection.

Some reasons working remotely is on the rise include:

    • Businesses are establishing work from anywhere policies. This is important since 80% of people searching for a new job indicate location flexibility is a key consideration.
    • Families crave the digital nomad lifestyle too. This lifestyle isn’t only for individuals. Flexible work and homeschooling have created a new type of digital nomad that wants to create lasting memories with their families while seeing the world.
    • Coworking spaces are widely available. These spaces typically offer a place for digital nomads to work, stay, and interact with a like-minded community of people. You can check out some co-working options here.
    • There’s a vast array of digital tools available. Thanks to the shift to working remotely during the pandemic, there are a huge selection of tools to support working nomads. We discuss these tools in more detail below.

Occasionally working remotely vs. fully remote jobs

Although working remotely occasionally and fully remote jobs may involve working from anywhere, they are quite different in terms of working nomads. Occasionally working remotely typically applies to the hybrid work that many companies have adopted as the new normal in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

This version of working remotely involves going to an office at a set frequency of some sort. By contrast, fully remote jobs are one hundred percent remote and are a good fit for working nomads who prefer to consistently work from anywhere. These are often digital jobs that can be fulfilled by working remotely.

Fully remote jobs enable digital nomads to travel and explore while working from anywhere including an RV in New Mexico, an apartment in Colombia, or a cabin in the mountains of Montana. If they have access to a decent Wi-Fi signal and the necessary hardware, these remote workers can complete the desired tasks.

Supplement your entrepreneur income with digital jobs

The pandemic negatively impacted millions of Americans and made business difficult or impossible for many small retailers and restaurants. This may have left you looking for alternate or additional streams of income to supplement your current sources. So why not consider online remote jobs as an option?

These jobs can be done anywhere and on your own schedule, often day or night. As many Americans have learned, you don’t have to quit your job or close your current business to start a side hustle. This is especially true if you are already working remotely.

The Covid-19 pandemic has put millions of Americans out of work and many small retailers and restaurants out of business. At the same time, it has been a time of innovation and new business creation. U.S. business formations rose by nearly 42% in 2020, according to U.S. Census data. There’s plenty of opportunity for small businesses selling things people are still buying under pandemic restrictions, from food and home entertainment to office supplies — as well as products and services needed by companies operating remotely.

And it has its benefits, like paying down your debt, saving money, or investing. Starting a new remote business can have tax advantages. Plus, it allows you to try out a new career or business option on a small scale to pivot toward or expand on later.

Some digital jobs you might consider to supplement your entrepreneurial income include things like affiliate marketing, YouTube channels, online courses, creating and selling digital products, adopting a subscription-based model, and creating a podcast.

Top 10 Best digital nomad jobs by experience level

Digital jobs are suitable for people of all skill levels including beginners through highly experienced workers. Many of them involve independent, freelance, or self-employment options. But there are plenty of fully remote traditional jobs available, enabling you to work from anywhere as well.

To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve identified the top five online remote jobs for beginners and the top five fully remote jobs for experienced workers.

Top 5 digital nomad jobs for beginners

The following five digital jobs for working nomads require little to no prior experience. Consider these if you’re looking for something different than you’ve done previously.

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1. Virtual Assistant (VA) Jobs

This type of work has the potential to provide either part or full-time work and the related tasks can be completed from anywhere online, thus the term “virtual.” This is an excellent role for working nomads who have a basic understanding of office administration and popular software products like the Microsoft Office Suite. People who need a VA are often small business owners or entrepreneurs who need the basics done so they can focus on growing their business.

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2. Sales

Online or telephone sales are excellent beginner roles. Many companies allow sales reps to work from anywhere and offer training to entry-level salespeople. So, no prior experience is needed. If you nab one of the fully remote jobs in sales, it’s common for these businesses to provide a computer and any necessary software to do the job from anywhere. And, depending on what you are selling, the income can be quite lucrative as well.

There are also organizations seeking independent contractors to sell their products or services too. How software and training are handled with these businesses will vary by organization.

Software - Entrepreneur and Small Business Skills for Success

3. Data Entry

Although not the most glamorous option, this is one of the remote jobs for beginners that typically offers full-time work from anywhere. As long as you are reliable, prompt, and accurate, you can establish yourself in this career easily.

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4. Customer Service Roles

All businesses today need customer service agents of various types, including those who assist customers via virtual chat, email, or phone. In fact, some phone agents are able to fulfill their duties through an online platform or even a smartphone. Prior experience is always helpful, but there are many entry-level customer service roles as well.

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5. Online Tutoring

Tutoring may start as a part-time gig, but as you build a reputation, this can easily become a full-time remote job. It’s especially easy to get started if you have prior teaching experience. There are online remote jobs as a tutor through tutoring agencies. It’s worth checking to see if they are hiring.

Top 5 digital nomad jobs for experienced workers

Here are five of the top-rated fully remote jobs for skilled workers. We’ve included potential pay estimates from for your reference but these will likely vary by individual and opportunity.

Communication - Entrepreneur and Small Business Skills for Success

1. Translator

Translators often work on a freelance or contract basis for individuals, businesses, and government agencies, converting written content from one language to another. They commonly complete their work remotely on a computer. The average annual salary for translators is $39,798.

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2. Graphic Designer

Graphics designers combine images, type, or motion graphics to create logos, design for websites, and printed or electronic media like brochures and advertising. They can complete their work remotely on a computer and their average annual salary is $50,420.

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3. Technical, Marketing, or Creative Writer

It used to be that working remotely was reserved for freelance writers, but today it is common for staff writers to have the flexibility to work from anywhere as well. These writers’ expertise can include technical, marketing, and creative writing and their average annual salary is $54,927.

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4. Accountant

Accountants help businesses and individuals handle financial matters. They provide advice and review and prepare financial documents and records. Today, accountants have the ability to work remotely with a computer and internet connection. Their average annual salary is listed as $55,857.

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5. Operations Manager

The main duties of an operations manager include administering functions like human resources, quality assurance, and employee recruitment. These duties can often be managed remotely on a computer from anywhere. Their average annual salary is estimated at $63,543.

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Bonus Roles for Digital Nomads

A few additional digital nomad job options we identified for experienced workers include project manager, software engineer, application developer, and IT support desk staff.

How to find online work using a remote jobs website

There is a huge array of remote jobs websites you can use to find online work.

Upwork and Fiverr are a couple of popular options where you can find remote jobs for beginners and experienced remote workers as well. Check out our Guide for Freelancers: Upwork vs. Fiverr, to learn more about these two sites. Plus, as your business grows, you may choose to outsource through Upwork or Fiverr. Other popular remote jobs websites include job boards like Remote OK and We Work Remotely.

And, if you’re interested in joining a community of likeminded working nomads, many of these sites offer a way for you network as well. Then you can share opportunities, resources, and ideas with others.

Additional online jobs website options include places like LinkedIn where you can access job listings and network while searching for fully remote jobs. And don’t forget about Facebook groups where you can connect with others who prefer working remotely. It’s another place to exchange insights and possibly collaborate.

Startup tech companies often post job openings for digital jobs on sites like AngelList and Crunchbase. And you can even attend one of the many digital nomad conferences, events, and meetups listed online. You can easily find them through a simple online search.

Run your business or work from anywhere with online tools

Working remotely has never been easier with the huge variety of available digital tools. Below are some examples of the online tools you might use to run your business or work from anywhere.

Video conferencing tool

Some popular options in this category include applications like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Skype. These digital tools make it easy to meet with clients and employers while working from anywhere. They typically offer voice only and free subscription options. Plus, they include many features like screen-sharing, call recording, and private messaging.

Messaging and chat applications

Slack, WhatsApp, and WeChat are a few messaging platforms examples that facilitate real-time and asynchronous communication and collaboration with clients and employers alike. Other similar platforms that clients and employers may include you on are MS Teams and SalesForce Chatter.

Document storage and collaboration tool

Google Drive and DropBox are a couple of the better-known document storage and collaboration tools you can use when working from anywhere. They help you securely store documents and make it easy to share, edit, and collaborate on things like word-type documents, slide presentations, and spreadsheets without using up storage space on your computer. Plus, you can easily access these documents from anywhere across multiple devices like a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Project management tool

Using a simple project management tool can help you stay organized and track progress on various client or personal projects concurrently. Some examples of project management software to consider include Airtable, Asana, and Trello. These online software options offer free and paid options, so you don’t need to break the bank to stay organized. They are easy to use, flexible, and feature rich.

Time tracking tool

If you are working by the hour or if you are striving to increase your productivity while working remotely, you might benefit from adding a time tracking tool to your work from anywhere arsenal. Some free or low-cost online time tracking tools include Toggl, Freshbooks, and RescueTime. They make billing easy too.

Virtual business phone number

Getting a virtual business phone number through a platform like LinkedPhone adds security, functionality, professionalism, and ease to your business communications. It’s easy to add a virtual phone system to any smartphone using a mobile app. This is an economical phone option when working from anywhere and a virtual business phone number works seamlessly across various devices including office phones, cell phones, computers, and landlines.

It’s easier than ever to become a working nomad

Working from anywhere has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people expected to have digital nomad jobs by 2025. You can work remotely occasionally or have a fully remote job that you can do from anywhere in the world. It’s your choice!

These options also allow you to supplement your current income or start an entirely new career by taking on one of the many digital nomad jobs for beginners. Whatever you decide to do, you now know how to find online work using a remote jobs website, so you can start your search. Plus, there are many free and low-cost online tools, limiting the costs of starting to work remotely.

Getting a virtual phone business phone number is an excellent way to get started. This prepares you to communicate with potential clients and employers easily from anywhere you decide to start working remotely. Plus, it projects a professional image to anyone you communicate with.

Are you ready to get started with digital nomad jobs, taking your business remote, or enhancing your entrepreneur income with an online job? Get one of the best tools for working remotely: a virtual business phone number, and sign up for a LinkedPhone 7-day free trial today!

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